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The bridal and complete manual that the netizen achieves formerly
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1.Wedding prepares a plan

1.1.Decide bridal date, place, ceremony and marriage banquet way
1.2.Define bridal budget
1.3.Draft guest list
1.4.Call together wedding of good friend discussion to plan (but by marriage celebrate a company to offer bridal plan)
1.5.Accompany man, a matron of honour certainly
1.6.Preside over a wedding ceremony certainly person, chief witness at a wedding ceremony
1.7.Establish wedding preparatory group (if choice marriage celebrates a company but leave out this measure)
1.7.1.Hold bridal project to start meeting
1.7.2.Make bridal project specification
1.7.3.Prepare group of division of labor clearly

2.The preparation before wedding

2.1.Communicate with person of bridal all project implication
2.1.1.Bridal preparatory plan and progress and parents are communicated
2.1.2.Hair happy event sticks relatives and friends
2.1.3.The phone informs an other place of relatives and friends
2.1.4.Release on the net marry announcement
2.1.5.Affirm again advocate, chief witness at a wedding ceremony
2.1.6.Seasonable feedback relatives and friends suffers seek information
2.1.7.Affirm again to important relatives and friends
2.2.Marry article is purchased
2.2.1.New home decorates things appliance, furniture balloon lantern (cold light) candle plaster line board goods
2.2.2.Bridal things is ordered attire of gauze of bridegroom bride marriage ring cosmetic event stick, word of red bag, happy event (partial marriage celebrates a company to offer) of colored ribbon, garland, gush (partial marriage celebrates a company to offer), wine, beverage, earthnut, melon seeds, tea tape, film (but by marriage celebrate a company to offer) a flower (but by marriage celebrate a company to offer) cake (but by marriage celebrate a company to offer)
2.3.Bridegroom bride figure prepares
2.3.1.The bride begins the skin to maintain
2.3.2.Bridegroom haircut
2.4.Pat marriage gauze to illuminate
2.4.1.Choose building of marriage gauze shadow
2.4.2.Make an appointment film date
2.4.3.Take a picture
2.4.4.Choose piece
2.4.5.Strong imprint or spray paint
2.5.Decorate bridal chamber
2.5.1.Ask clean company to clean bridal chamber thoroughly
2.5.2.Decorate bridal chamber (partial marriage celebrates a company to offer bridal chamber to decorate)
2.6.Affirmatory and bridal compere (but by marriage celebrate a company to offer)
2.6.1.Planned to be communicated to it with the tentative idea that day with respect to wedding
2.7.Marriage banquet makes an appointment
2.7.1.Estimate guest number
2.7.2.Estimate feast amount
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