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Wedding drills practical manual
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 The first chapter invites a guest

The kind that invites a guest decided whether your wedding is satisfactory. The expert suggests to use the means of next invitation. Ahead of schedule a month begins to prepare to list place needs to invite personnel list, buy or custom-built invitation, the important document such as name of time, place, new personality should be made clear on invitation, the person that asks to receive invitation gives can deny the specific return that attend, will decide with this specific the guest number that come round and object. After issueing invitation, in estimation the person that when been receive, invites to you again calls affirm whether invitation is received, politely enquires whether this person will carry family to head for. Remember, the control of the number has crucial effect surely really to marriage banquet.

  The 2nd chapter prepares marriage dinner

Marriage banquet is bridal main component, had better shift to an earlier date a month begins optional location. Choosing side of marriage banquet place, want to note the following respects:

1, the room that should book size moderate according to the measure that he plans to invite guest, the height of the room cannot too low, especially big room.

2, the acoustics of marriage banquet place must be awaited when book try.

3, many hotels or wine shop have the room that prepares technically for marriage banquet, such room is used commonly decorate erubescently slightly, fit aesthetic habit of the Chinese.

4, a little fashionable now youth begins to try to introduce buffet marriage dinner, the form is very optional, atmosphere is opposite also more relaxed, but notable is, even if buffet also must arrange fixed place, especially advocate desk, avoid occasion out of control.

5, about equipment desk. Because each obtain invited guest to bring a visitor possibly temporarily, according to experience, the standard that should press 20 people of every 10 ~ to add an equipment table is arranged. Equipment desk requires pay only a few service fee, want not to leave to need not make money additionally only.

  The 3rd chapter: Bridal spot

1, guest speech should be planned in wedding, among them new personality parents, chief witness at a wedding ceremony (had better not choose kin) and guest is represented (the men and women is bilateral each one) the speech of public figure of this tripartite face is indispensable. Beforehand should delegate of make choice of, decide they can attend wedding certainly, inform they prepare right-and-left speech 2 minutes.

2, the arrangement that must notice a seat in wedding, should compare the position on wedding main character (for instance leader of bilateral parents, chief witness at a wedding ceremony, unit waits) arrangement is in advocate desk, advocate desk should be located in banquet hall the position of opposite center.
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