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Bridegroom cravat is tie-in
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When choosing cravat, should notice to be the same as business suit.

The color of the shirt is suitable, more important is as suitable as oneself:

The bag colour with the most appropriate collocation

In wedding, bridegroom can wear formal ceremonial robe or dress commonly. Deserve to go up again shirt and cravat and various fittings. These dress want to combine decent. The harmony that needs color above all is unified. Every kinds of color contains shade. It coordinates the emissary that concerns between your color of skin and dress coloring just about. , blank and transparent slant yellow, hair lustre slants brown person, the color of warm color fundamental key that suggests to take many kinds of choice to stand by sun color to fasten group, be like: Serge color, the color of camel's hair, aureate, coffee, ferruginous red, ivory is white.

Color of skin fair-skinneds oneself but slant green, hair lustre is pitch-black person. The proposal takes color to use the color of cool color fundamental key that is close to briny color to fasten more group, be like: Black, argent blue gray, modena, ivory, grayish dragon spruce is green.

Reminding handkerchief mouth fruit is not special like man to had better not choose vermeil cravat. The basic regular design such as twill, fine style. Without contraindication. But must notice to coordinate collocation, grid shirt matchs twill tie. Straight grain shirt matchs pane design tie, and plain coloured the shirt had better match printing or pattern design tie.

Diagonal cravat delegate is brave

Pane represents enthusiasm

Broken beautiful delegate is considerate

Perpendicular delegate is easy and comfortable

Horizontal line appears smooth

Moire line represents lively, leap

The circle represents full maturity

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