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The bridal trap that nots allow to ignore
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Try to win sb's favor house, had acquired all sorts of size home appliance, next the job can want to marry with wife namely then. Wait for Xiaotian to begin planning wedding to just realize later however, finding a wife so is whole marry the simplest part in the process. Marriage gauze illuminates film, the arrangement of marriage banquet and book, the level of festooned vehicle, what guest that should ask both sides, should have honeymoon where, should select which honeymoon travel agent... the sound that comes from far and near is billowy Xiang Xiaotian comes over. Of the friend's proposal, parent get together, still have marriage those who celebrate a company to recommend is various the thing that had never heard of, xiaotian's head has become two big.

  Trap 1: Empty case is fond of candy

Consumer small king is the happy candy that celebrates a company to order from a famous marriage, pink box, imprinting cherub design, pack very lovely. Small king altogether ordered 1000 pairs, did not examine at that time (will impossibly also that a box is opened look) , to wedding direct branch sends each guest. Not a few does expect have unexpectedly inside the box unexpectedly absolutely empty, without chocolate. Although the amount is not much, but the issue involves outer part, xiaowang still feels the loss is huge -- , " this kind of thing, should give a person jest all one's life! " original plan goes disappear assist complain, but remember later gave preferential price because of the boss at that time, did not want bill. Did not purchase a proof to be in hand, complain estimation to have a result hard also.

Self-defence art

Bill is the basiccest safeguard evidence, must withhold. A few bridal things, if be fond of candy, flower to wait, even marriage gauze but " the group is bought " , can save cost already, also can achieve " person much power is great " the effect -- , supplier not dare informal " use underhand method " ; In addition, happy candy can be chosen the sort of can see inside the packing of content, for example transparent gauze.

   Trap 2: Photography overtime exceeds an amount

One reminds Xiaowang with makeup division friend, if photograph, photograph picture, want you beyond the mark and enthusiasticly to take a few pieces of pictures more, or be in bride of the requirement in banquet " sit more, propose a toast need not urgent " , this kind of circumstance, must vigilant, very possible photography, photograph those who resemble thinking method earns new personality to exceed coil and expend overtime.

In the friend remind below, xiaowang has escaped to rob. Hear, the when exceeding a Fei Hechao cost that some new personality are increased is as high as thousands of yuan, the bridal picture that adds later period to make, photograph picture, fee is bigger.

  Self-defence art

Oneself are sure to keep in mind to do in wedding advocate, it is better that him time that propose a toast is arranged. And it is clear to should be written above the contract resemble to photographing, the requirement of photography, prevent to be added on the spot valence, also can prevent to photograph picture, photography is additional in wedding requirement " fee " .
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