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The bridal and special clew of bridal little common sense
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1, do not be in wedding surely as far as possible double cease day, most person wants to be in double cease day is loosened loosen, if you are holding wedding at this moment,they must not not be in off the choice is made between the wedding with you. You should be in if really double cease day does marry celebration, then you get ready whole use entertainment guest on the weekend.
2, did not forget to keep marriage pledge. Such doing is not to stem from from numerous, can convey you to be opposite however of each other love concentrated, the wedding that is you adds luster.
3, do not appear between ceremony and marriage banquet awkward silence at an occasion.
4, plan vehicle, receive the visitors that come from afar from ceremonial place send marriage banquet the place;
5, do not let DJ put music too noisily during marriage banquet;
6, with undertake the person that asperses banquet discusses, between every dish put apart time-interval;
7, the food that does not want oversight guest is no-no, can roll out dish of a few characteristic;
8, arrange a place for the guest, put number to remind a guest to sit in oneself on the desk locally, identical platoon opens the guest place of the guest seat that a bridegroom wants when arranging a place and bride, lest fall,issue the suspicion that makes division.
9, what will arrange oneself according to holding bridal specific time is prandial, hold wedding to need has bit of thing or make brunch in the morning; Hold wedding to eat bit of a bit preprandial or grain food afternoon; Hold wedding to be able to eat enough dinner on one times in the evening, undertake the person that asperses banquet can help you choose appropriate cookbook;
10, do not omit bubbly.
11, go up in the banquet, you two new personality should deal with at aspersing chat with family and guest between Xi Zhi;
12, the person that make a service unripe assist cameraman and feast to undertake finishs working job, they are happy to extend aid for certain
13, discuss where to have honeymoon with your fiance, accommodation means, prepare slow-witted how long, these are specific always want considerate;
14, the screw on that does not spend all savings in this honeymoon, the choice is in lure swim off-season go or going out is the resort that includes to what, such doing can save brushstroke money for you;
15, do according to one's abilities, wedding day is pressing, your body experiences excess load to run, when body overdraws, want to note the signal that it issues, pay close attention to oneself body;
16, the its place that does not want wedding be preparatoried is flooded. Such as buys the trival general affairs such as food to be divided into a few parts to finish, hit a phone often to be adjusted to friend and domestic person, as a result of Saturday heart at buying the clothes, go lying undertake the person that asperses banquet, you might as well ground of snatch a little leisure from a busy life goes settle on a film, loosen;
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