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The bridal individual character that 101 action make you is dye-in-the-wood (2)
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51. the oath on the 2nd wedding: If you or your bridegroom has had a child, so in letting the child also join wedding, marry oath of oath instead family.

52. adds a few color on marriage gauze: What can decorate a blue on marriage gauze is lacy, if be the autumn, can bring a few aureate decoration, perhaps place the rose bud that seams on a few red in skirt.

53. makes phonic attendance book: Find a place for in the autograph one is photographed everywhere like the head, all guest speak the blessing to you to it, make DVD next, often can recall later.

The family that 54. lets you or the friend offers fabric: Spell them rise fabric of make it individual character, the wedding that will decorate you with it advocate stage, the consideration of indicative family member is met at any time around beside in you.

Wedding march of 55. individual character: If you want to use very decorous ceremony music, can choose Andeliya - Bai Qi benefit (of Andrea Bocelli) " Con Te Partiro " , if want to use very romantic strain, the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces of summer of optional choose is special - of Church " All Love Can Be " .

The bonfire evening party of 56. romance: Arrange wedding in the late evening, around move bonfire, can read out your oath, have dance lightly in romantic love song.

57. garden is bridal: If your wedding is held in the garden, a floret that has squelched is inserted in forgetting the marriage in you invites card, guests are OK be clear at a glance, this is wedding of a garden.

The place with special 58. : You can discharge the chair into a circle, invite each guest around move you, and every guest resembles it seems that is to sit in advocate go up.

59. golf tournament: Bridal on the weekend, play golf, your name mixes the golf engrave that used that day marry date.

Table of 60. individual character places adorn: It is inspiration with your be fond of, the adornment that you like is placed in mensal center.

Bookmark of 61. individual character: If you are a book confusing, that sends guest a title label pasted on the cover of a Chinese-style thread-bound book to serve as a gift, write on your name and marry date.

62. performs for the bride: If you can play musical instrument, so join wedding the band that day, the bride that is you plays a pleasant music, or a romantic love song.

Cuff-link of 63. individual character: Can have a few to you talk the article of special significance, if ladybug, caique, football waits article a moment,the design becomes the cuff-link on your bridegroom formal attire.

Seal of 64 individual character: Installing you to marry on the envelope that invites card, play the stamp of rich individual character.

65. hands in the badge of a cup of wine: If you love each other in the university, so might as well in engrave of bubbly cup corrode the school badge of your school.
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