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The bridal individual character that 101 action make you is dye-in-the-wood (1)
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Every bride wants to let his bridal extraordinary, the intention of appreciate bride, article specially helped you prepare 101 small methods, do not break sweetness simply however, regular meeting makes your bridal individual character dye-in-the-wood.

1. marriage invites card: Calorie of jacket invites to act the role of individual character design in your marriage, e.g. palmy tree, pineapple or the design of the flower, pure and fresh lovely.

2. puts vulture on the ice glittering and translucently: On the cloth humble stage of eat banquet, the carve that use ice becomes the figure with a kind of to you very significant character, or your pet, or the figure of pron yourselves.

3. writes down your oath in sky: Ask a flight ace, with the plane in the sky ejective smoke draws up the statement of special significance, perhaps be full of the catchphrase of individual character.

The encounter on 4. wedding: If encounter is acquainted you and your bridegroom, so might as well come up in wedding " encounter " seat, guest people the number seating that presses their pitch on, make every guest organic can know new friend.

5. cartoon: Those who make the love that figure of a cartoon regards you as is indicative, imprint it on your bridal ceremony adornment.

6. shares your love story: Let you preside over a wedding ceremony the love story that the person relates you when spousal, let all guests witness your romantic love.

7. individual character presides over a wedding ceremony with the word: Those who let you preside over a wedding ceremony the union that the person asks to whether the guest that be present agrees with you, guest people regular meeting applauses gladly and cry aloud: "We agree! "We agree!!

8. sweetness blesses: Going up desert when, give every guest a piece of card, let them be when the feeling is the sweetest, write down his blessing to you!

9. laid corridor: For you the corridor that has gone in bridal ceremony does a few small ornament, for instance: Perhaps asperse on you collect the shell that come from beach, perhaps asperse the red autumnal leaves of on a few autumns.

10. Easter is bridal: If your wedding is,hold during Easter, might as well the tree in painted eggshell of bridal jacket cordon.

11. National Day is bridal: If your wedding is in October a day, might as well fireworks is ignited on wedding, insert small blaze lighted torch on every bridal cake.

12. summer is bridal: If your wedding is held in summer, the fresh fruit that you like a few basket is put on the banquet, or the fruit clique with delicious make it.

13. autumn day is bridal: If your wedding is held in the autumn, can go up in pumpkin engrave the monogram of your name, as bridal adornment, adornment of mensal perhaps center.

14. Allhallows is bridal: If your wedding is held in Allhallows, the hand that did not forget preparation is various hold mask.
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