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A matron of honour teachs battle manual
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Allegedly, in bridal circumstance, the most important role is bride of and rather than of a matron of honour.

Because of her action, it is to be used make the bride appears more good-looking.

Zhang Xiaoxian has written designedly for this " pitiful a matron of honour " , when allegedly she reads a middle school, with a female classmate very be close friends, a day, everybody sits together to send fantasy, female classmate says with pitiful Zhang Xiaoxian: "If I marry in the future, must look for you when a matron of honour, because I grow more beautifully than you. Because I grow more beautifully than you..

This story tells us two truths.

The first, the friendship of the girl is flimsier.

The 2nd, zhang Xiaoxian is old.

In this times, zhang Xiaoxian people no longer young, and a matron of honour also becomes far is not to rely on magnify numerous face to be able to be competent solely. As a matron of honour, have to

Three heads and six arms-superhuman is smooth and slick, when general of bridal at hand, arrange everything for her detail and sudden state.

In that way a matron of honour, normally interphone of high-power of right hand of phone of left hand beehive, there still is calendar on the little finger, strong command post has the artifice coolie and supplier.

Finally, pick up even a credit card and hotel argy-bargy.

Cup of the red wine since meeting end laughs at handsome opportunely, if be necessary, also meet pile is full of an angry look to point to to jerry supplier jab tongue-lash.

Everybody contends for the high grade a matron of honour that grab, since sends right ProjectManager greatly, also be the public relations manager of banquet of a formal evening.

So, if your again and again is invited to become a matron of honour, do not acedia! This can prove you are intelligent and capable only, everybody is colourful admire. Need you especially, it is to face those to think of " great time " the belle with soft hair of foot of while you're at it -- ― has you to just skill gets ready for her only the romance of a dynamic.

If you still do not have good preparation, or you are " dying recieves orders " , do not hit close, should follow only tighten us, in reading a true wedding, a matron of honour is how " actual combat " . Need only 10 days short, you can become dye-in-the-wood the high grade a matron of honour of true gold.

Reciprocal the 10th day of bridal RoadShow

If you are unfortunate,just recieve orders today when a matron of honour, so take a time, eat a working food together with bridegroom bride.

Should become public relations manager, have to prepare 3 " a magic weapon " : Preparative work sheet, wedding is expressed when light Cheng and stock detailed account.

Prepare working sheet, it is professional personage mouth is medium " CheckList " , there is complete set to prepare detailed list above: Day of X month X, take candy of good happy event; Day of X month X, send all invitation, and the phone checks; Day of X month X, seat of arrangement good guest is expressed...
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