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City is perfect marry manual
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Marrying is the grand opera of life, let person rehearsal show rarely however, a lot of people often are to deciding the ability after marrying discovers marrying is not " easy " thing. From decision marriage day and dinner customer day, arrive to with what ceremony marry? Where to eat wedding feast please? Light is to invite guest list this thing, let relatives by marriage change with respect to enough enemy. Other still has resemble printing happy card, order happy cake and marry cake, choose scheduling of marriage give up and company of formal attire of marriage gauze photography, honeymoon, and bridal chamber finds a place for wait for a variety of trival and complex issues, allow the flee at the mere sight of the oncoming force of a few unusual men and women that are afraid of a trouble quite.
Do not marry accordingly? -- of course not. Although " the disaster that marriage is a sweetness " , but want ready-made only, marry to be able to make perfect first time certainly.

Love perfect marriage to cross city leaving mark manual

Marry to lay one of major issues as the person, inconsiderable with multifarious inevitable, but anyway, to march toward happy life, conjugal measure still wants one pace to go, let perfect go stealthily into you and him (she) heart.

The first pace: Register
Though try now marriage and maiden cohabitational youth is increasing, but the gets protection happiness that wants to gain stability, marry registering is indispensable.

Marry the program that register

Marry the place that register: The marriage of seat of registered permanent residence of one party of male and female registers mechanism. (detailed sees general view of marital registry office) carry a proof:
1 . Dweller Id.
2. Booklet of registered residence (collective perhaps census register proves) .
3. Permanent worker of ① of marital status proof, issue ② to be out of job by place unit from retired worker, the individual personnel that do not have course of study by house (village) appoint can issue ③ to be out of job personnel, SOHO still should offer labor manual (or charter) .
4. 2 inches of colour illuminate 3 pieces, colour of 2 inches of single people takes without hat of front of him near future 3 pieces, bilateral photograph color is unified, marry registry office has Bao Li to come snapshot serves.   
The check-up before marriage: 1 . Hold afore-mentioned prooves, by the place bureau of civil administration of area, county opens recommendation of the check-up before marriage. 2. Carry recommendation, undertake check-up to the hospital of health care of women and children that is in area, county. 3. Via check-up the proof accords with a condition, hold check-up qualification to prove registration book of the Huis political situation. Other needs to pay fee of marriage certificate cost of production, service.
The marriage certificate that get: The marital mechanism that register is in after receiving application will according to " marriage law " regulation, undertake checkup to party, after be registered by allow, both sides of male and female must show up at the same time, can get a piece of bright red marriage certificate next.
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