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Propose a toast respect smoke to surely win law
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The time in marriage banquet takes up the longest, new personality throws the nothing is more... than with most energy to chase desk Jing Yanjing wine. All sorts of create difficulties for sb should be sufferred admittedly when the bride in the process that respect smoke lights cigarette for guest, but most those who make a person afraid still is guest people take turns proposes a toast to new personality, do two people, especially bridegroom deeply wine force, create an embarrassed situation. How will cope with guest people offensive? It is below 4 surely win greatly law:

1. New issue does newly
Should avoid completely to respect marriage " torment " , the most efficient way is flat advocate a smokeless environment, respect smoke with nodding the means of the candle to replace. Make do propose a toast, can use " complete desk is respected together " the method will replace each guest successive to respect come down. On particular way can by accompany the partner man that propose a toast, a matron of honour to appear personally offer, complete desk guest is lifted together cup, with new personality compotation.

2. Clever replace
Replace white wine with light boiled water, replace claret with juice of grape of coke mix into, replace with grape soda water sweet discard... what such wine drinks is again great also won't drunk.

3. Politic course
Propose a toast in arrangement strategy should be stressed when the course. Begin from elder desk, transfer to compare gentle and quiet and affable guest desk, most roistering guest is put finally to respect. In those days, they already wine full meal is full, the arrogance nature of the challenge can go down many.

4. Enough backup force
A lot of areas with hellbender flourishing culture, more and more new personality realize only it is insufficient to accompanying man, a matron of honour. The friend that many people can ask drink of a pair of be apt to additionally is enough backing. Propose a toast when the line takes an in part, this new power is joined, will answer with enough backup force the challenge that the butt joint comes down.

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