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Do wedding already wonderful be economical
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"You now if marry, I can let you save 3 two measure and not little money to your proposal at least. Suggest you shift to an earlier date one year time is himBridalPrepare. " drive this year to will marry on June 6 the Xiaozhang that register says to the reporter.

In the city that is in China at present, marry consumption is had omnibus strong characteristic, involve already buy a house, decorate wait for a large amount of consumption, involve again service the marriage with strong, bigger price elasticity is celebrated, meal industry. What its consume is astute, affect quality of the financial arrangement of prospective family and life. Accordingly, the personage inside course of study suggests, "Allow marriage a group of things with common features " enough time must go out to analyse market condition of oneself demand, understanding for him obligate before consumption.

BuyMarriage gauze, pat marriage gauze to reflect a strategy

The choice of new personality dress has quite exquisite, go up like weddingBrideare marriage gauze and formal attire to hire petty gain to still be bought after all economical?

"Hire gauze of a marriage to want 400 yuan or so, more expensive than buying, so, I or oneself bought. The style of gauze of the marriage in inn is very much, choice room is bigger also. Oneself buy marriage gauze not only clean, and still have save value specially. " Miss Zhao says to the reporter.

According to marriage celebrate the personage inside industry line of business to introduce, at present gauze of the marriage on the market rents the price goes to 800 yuan in 100 yuan commonly, that is to say, general advertisement although announce fokelore pats marriage gauze to illuminate " lease freely " formal attire, but the cost that hires marriage gauze is borne by consumer actually.

"Marriage gauze of abroad is particularly expensive, once, the kin that lives in abroad holds me in the palm from domestic purchase galloon of a marriage goes. I reached the place that the friend recommends, looked in the past, cheaper marriage gauze can buy 200 yuan, be inferior to sending kin when the gift directly. " a consumer says to the reporter.

As we have learned, a lot of places of Beijing have gauze of formal attire, marriage to sell, normally nevertheless breed compares much, price cheap place, head push He Muxi of city of equipment of 5 loose photography the trade of 100 flourish world of garden.

The consumer with good to quality of those requirement marriage gauze, unique design, be about to recommend marriage gauze atelier. Nevertheless, the marriage gauze price that atelier makes does not poor, every get thousands of yuan. Celebrate as to other marriage kind dress, should choose ferial also can wear, do not buy the sort of can send that day in wedding only on of use " formal attire " .

In the meantime, patting marriage gauze to illuminate also is to have already the be economical, choice that does not reduce quality again. The marriage gauze of Mr Liu is illuminated and did not film in shadow building. A friend that likes photography takes the picture, and bridal marriage gauze also is custom-built. "The effect I am quite satisfactory. After all cameraman is acquaintance, pat expression to also compare nature. " Mr Liu says to the reporter.
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