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Costly marriage banquet lets new personality cannot go in for pomp
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"We must not place banquet of 30 desks marriage, too sustained losses in business, I just had calculated Zhang, 10 desks are enough. " yesterday, the Liu Peng that prepares next year marriage (alias) inquire about after prices of much home hotel, come home to discuss to reduce marriage banquet guest with parents rapidly. The reporter investigates discovery accordingly, because level of hotel marriage banquet goes high all the way, more and more marriage wedding breakfast was become " sustain losses in business the business " , new personality holds marriage banquet to also have the power of contractible dimensions.
Liu Peng prepares to will marry in March next year originally, he and fiancee are native. A few days ago
Two people business accounting guest that needs fete, the acquaintance of the kin of new personality both sides, friend, classmate, colleague and business unit, the close friend old friends and acquaintances of bilateral parents adds up nearly 30 desks. Because both sides is a singleton female, the parent approve of wedding does some more creditably. Yesterday, liu Peng goes out to inspect a hotel, ask price was stunned. "This prices is too high also, consumption of medium hotel average per capita crosses 200 yuan, this does not get compensate to die! " he tells a reporter excitedly, average fellow worker, friend, classmate attends marriage dinner " member money " also 200 yuan, some is fewer even. These guests also are can be troubled by most on marriage banquet, can eat drinker most, if illuminate present feast standard to calculate, banquet of a marriage comes down, every come him guest is about on compensate 100 yuan. "Marry bought a room to had been carried on the back every months 1500 multivariate rooms are borrowed, cannot bear really this package. " Liu Peng says, he prepares to ask kin and best friend only, most 10 desks guest is OK.

Yesterday afternoon, the reporter makes visit the marriage banquet standard of much home public house, as expected the price is higher. Standard of lowest of banquet of marriage of old hotel of sweet case lira is 288 yuan / , add collect the service fee of 15% . Because this quote does not contain wine water, his actual spending is controlled in 400 yuan. Still have 388 yuan in addition / marriage banquet standard, go up not to seal a top. The standard of marriage banquet lowest of big public house of extensive sea celebrity is 1380 yuan / desk, add collect the service fee of 10% . The lowest price of big public house of Shandong road Hemingway is 1288 yuan / desk, every desk is added collect fee of 5 yuan of services, the marriage banquet that reserves next year still cannot fix a price, want to rise in price according to the circumstance of next year. Increase the consumption such as wine water, smoke, consumption of average per capita is controlled in 300 yuan.

"Really little like the marriage dinner that gets big ostentation and extravagance easily in that way before. " staff of department of meal of hotel of class of a 5 stars tells a reporter. From last year second half of the year begins, many new personality became marriage banquet branch two, with cost saving. The reporter interviewed the newlywed person of 5 pairs of preparation marriage, express to want pair of marriage banquets " thin body " . The penny that goes to work in some institution reduces the scope of marriage banquet by 30 desks for 10 desks, the colleague of the others and friend arrange the late dinner in a medium-sized hotel, consumption of average per capita has 1/3 of hotel of 4 stars class only, such ability are unapt lose money in business.
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