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Showily and festival Chinese take marriage take
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Flickering skirt pulling the land is placed, elegant inwrought decorative pattern... the 2007 Asias country that holds yesterday takes marriage outfit bridal Dalian to reveal week of opening ceremony to go up, when model people wear colorful Chinese when stepping down on obedient stage, the portion is then elegant shook full-court. As we have learned, this the activity is conducted below setting of seminar of Asian bridal culture. Seminar of Asian bridal culture since 1995, held 11 already successfully, its purpose is to safeguard and develop tradition of wedding of Asian each country, and one of serious content that the outfit of ethical marriage formal attire of each countries also is a seminar.
"The bridal dress of each Asian countries, suffer the acting effect when Chinese Han Tang mostly actually. " the opening ceremonially yesterday, chinese marriage installs bridal culture to popularize marriage of association of stylist of vice-chairman of association of bridal culture of the first person, Asia, China to install major committee chairman Ms. Chen Fumei also endorsed this one point of view, the bride of hope China goes up in wedding, can put on oneself native formal attire.

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