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Accurate new personality is about to hire double deck sightseeing bus is be
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Travel what go up in sea route of the Huaihe River is exclusive bus of a sightseeing of 911 double deck is expected to change body marriage car. An accurate bridegroom to the bus new new one branch seeks advice, be about to hire bus of sail of open of 911 double deck to become marriage car, the bus is new new company has replied should allow bridegroom, agree to offer car of marriage of double deck bus to hire a service. Next bilateral put up with provides gymnastics to make matters concerned undertake deliberative.
Nevertheless, hire double deck bus to also draw sound of a few doubt when marriage car: Bus of sightseeing of 911 double deck basically serves for broad citizen, public transportation company rents double deck bus accurate new personality is become marriage car, whether to allow on policy so do? Can you affect a travel of other passenger?

Stand by primary line travel as far as possible

The bus is new new one branch tells a reporter about chief, before the company leases bus of sail of double deck open to going out, basically film with what inspect drama at the shadow the job, and offer car of marriage of double deck bus to hire a service to new personality, do not have precedent. Because,this basically is, come the cost of bus of sail of double deck open that rent is higher, 2 come the travel circuitry demand that bus of public transportation double deck has a regulation. Agree this to rent make marriage car, basically be for the good will that contented new people puts forward.

As we have learned, the accurate bridegroom that advances the purpose that rent still is done not have at present and the bus is new new one branch sees discuss with sb face to face talks. Whether can bus of sightseeing of 911 double deck change body marriage car, will depend on directly the circumstance that both sides contacts further next.

The bus is new new one branch expresses about chief, if both sides discusses a success finally, card of will pensile on double deck bus directive and add necessary marriage car adornment, in order to distinguish at other operation car. In the meantime, there is particular demand to circuit and road condition when considering travel of double deck bus, approach requirement marriage car 911 sightseeing bus as far as possible (dragon knack / the road in sea of the Huaihe River -- , time Yu road / sea of the Huaihe River on the west road) course travel, and take big road, do not wrap up alley.

Double deck bus rents Fei Chao to cross Lincoln

Of course, new personality should enjoy the romance of double deck bus, fare is not cheap. According to introducing, rent bus of sail of open of 911 double deck a long time charge is controlled in 2000 yuan, and the market price that hires car of a Lincoln to serve as marriage car, also do not cross 1380 yuan.

City marriage celebrates guild secretary-general He Lina to introduce, can divide 2 to mix 4 for hack marriage car (car of train in excess specified length) two kinds, the general have transport service that general youth chooses 2 is more, marriage celebrate association to stipulate every car can use 5 hours only every time, the price is controlled in 1000 yuan normally, more luxurious Lincoln car marks a price is 5 hours 1380 yuan.
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