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Olympic Games marriage is celebrated be record in annals 2008 pairs of new
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Olympic Games marriage celebrates grand ceremony, it is the incident that is record in Chinese annals. Person and Olympic Games champion are led in the country such as countrywide the Women's Federation, BOCOG people below testimony, enter the marital hall that spends lifetime in all, become lucky " Olympic Games new personality " . 2008 pairs of newlywed person that overseas Chinese of 3 ground, abroad Chinese comprises 56 nations that come from China, two sides (4016 people) the Olympic Games that forms with human body domino 5 annulus, it is people of Chinese every nationality not only the blessing to 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. More with Jinisi world record is famous in the world. This royal and grand collective wedding will be in China unique illicit home castle -- Beijing. Pull Fei spy castle to hold, its high and luxuriant classic design style, quiet and tastefully laid out and attractive natural and manorial scene, will bring 2008 pairs of new personality the force with unforgettable mystery, extravagant eternal life.

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