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Wind marriage cart is pulled on wedding one by one says
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In marry the important hour of this life, illuminate except finish marriage, the atmosphere of the blessing of relatives and friends, bridal spot, like still having indispensable, get those who one pulls wind quite to greet close motorcade namely. What no matter be Lincoln of guest benefit, lengthen,comprise is luxurious model, still be the sense of of primitive simplicity that lord car brings, reflected the individual character of contemporary youth and romance. Anyhow, present bridal motorcade, the view pulls wind.
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Red of car of marriage of car of   lord is first selection

If you still stay in the style with its old shell and general antique to the impression of lord car, you are moss-grown really. The wedding of modern, those who want is to taking strong wind restoring ancient ways, increase a point additional kind with decorous character temperament. And all these, lord car is had.

Choice lord car makes marriage car, gules open sail is first selection certainly. Think lord car grows long car head, greatly the light that bringing a metal to feel character, still have a few horns before light, this is a wedding that does not have lasting appeal certainly. One side is experiencing the bridegroom bride that takes in backlash to span the time that the model of the times brings is accumulated feeling, enjoy passerby at the same time fix eyes on.

Bus marriage car is austere and fashionable

If which day of street discharges a bus car on the road, and there is word of bright red happy event again on the car, do not be surprised, that is certainly one pair quite original new personality married. Make marriage car with bus car, this idea is having a unique style absolutely.

Bus marriage car although not as good as Lincoln and bold horse pull wind, nod the massiness of lord car less also, give the wind of an austere vogue fully however, and, bus car rental is cheaper also. In this luxurious marriage car begins to gain ground, lord car begins flush time, by the bridal motorcade that bus car comprises, of since smooth fact lift, also be originality lift. Be born with its move troop of car of of all kinds of make uniform of good happen by chance multifarious motorcade, be inferior to grasping hold austere wind, comprise bus motorcade vast and mightily, austere besides do not break fashionable originality again, believe a such bridal motorcade sail into street, can carry off certainly of many passerby later.

Individual character of bicycle team romance

If the bicycle technology of bridegroom returns good, and the bride also has a special liking to motion, so come motorcade of wedding of each drive a vehicle, to the new personality of pursuit individual character, did not suit to pass again.

The bridegroom do all one can that wearing ceremonial robe or dress is riding bike, carrying white gauze to wave waving bride, run quickly to the hall of love together. The bride wants a heart to thinking this only is bridegroom all the way one pace is stepping bicycle hardship to come over, the sensation that does not stop in the heart and warmth. Those who add bicycle itself to have romance is idiosyncratic, the wedding on the bicycle lets a person remember to the end of one's life certainly. If say the romance of lengthen Lincoln is the romance on corporeal foundation, the romance of that bicycle is much portion warmth and warmth.
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