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Kelaisile sweetness of luxurious marriage car follows 300C all right
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Latter, the mainstay line in the city always can see 300C regards Kelaisile as the form of marriage car, make a city another scenery. Regard luxurious car as medium Xin Rui, kelaisile the 300C configuration with the particular grade, external form that fills passion and safety, bestowing favor on newly in what make marriage car. Marriage car is to receive the vehicle that sends a bride not just, more bearing the weight of between the lover sweet affection. In people memory, marriage car need is costly, need to have grade more, and accumulate contain happy and long blessing. Then, 300C becomes Kelaisile the first selection that everybody regards marriage car as.

On June 30, miss Chen that lives in Wu Chang will hold wedding, motorcade of 300C marriage car will witness the Kelaisile that by Hubei Jintongdi offers 3 link the hour of this one happiness. Everybody's look will by this the motorcade grip of elegance, air. Elegant, romance and exalted in implicit make public, wind of rich and powerful family model in do not lose distinctive grade and individual character position, 300C is in a Kelaisile the travel on the road can let a person cannot stop, it is 4 Kelaisile what is more,the rather that more 300C comes on the stage at the same time, became costly bridal show simply

To these recognition, kelaisile 300C really be worthy of. Regard Kelaisile as the admiral model of the brand, 300C not only shirt-sleeve and masterly German workmanship, win American state evaluation of safety of 5 stars class, achieve European IV to discharge sell like hot cakes of two years of many standard, whole worlds 400 thousand and altar of include international car more than 60 large award. Kelaisile 300C is compositive the top achievement of car design domain, mix in elegant, romance exalted in faint the personality that reveals a make public, beyond position of status of the person that reveal be sent on a diplomatic mission to use of more deep administrative levels " character label " . Be its distinctive grade and temperament, make dew of dream of • of Ma Li Lian and Hemingway become Kelaisile the faithful user on the history.

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