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Order summary of bridal common brachylogy
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Be engaged to say again " civil calm " , former times says " accept auspicious " reach " pay a note of the ancient Chinese five-tone scale " , although,be engaged the heavy and complicated like unlike marriage, but traditional and consuetudinary still take seriously very much, both sides of male and female all needs to prepare a certain number of gift, its process is as follows:

   Bridegroom a keeper of domestic animals wanted start off to marry!

Bridegroom preexistence home is over all right a hold a memorial ceremony for, head for woman home to marry by one car together with go-between after that. Left a car, took the door, red bag can run to be not dropped!

(one) Gong Liguan: Common says " detain box gentleman " , special responsible give sb a present hires matters concerned all right. Gong Liguan must control a number (collect becomes even numbers) , car (6 or 12) , hire gold (even numbers and pack with red paper appropriate) , 6 ceremonies.

(2) domestic hold a memorial ceremony for: Before before setting out, be being collected toward woman home accept, man start off before the others goes in the home ceremony of ancestor of hold a memorial ceremony for, collect pay place to use at this moment " box young cake " or flat bread, sweet hold a memorial ceremony for accuses row ancestor to list the Song Dynasty on, will head for somewhere woman home next hiring,

(3) set out: Be over all right after domestic hold a memorial ceremony for, gong Liguan is in charge of removing all betrothal gift the car, bridegroom and go-between take belong to the same organization together, head for the bride's side.

(4) red bag: The Gong Ligong before setting out besides doing number of number, car, betrothal gift, also must remind bridegroom to prepare red package more. Be like: The mother's brother dad that bridegroom door comes to before, " pressure desk " , need stock bride 6 times to meet along with the family member that go the ceremony, woman that holds the water that wash a face in both hands is new ceremony of friendly, woman matchmaker.

  Order how to fall eventually after one's death hire?

"Have rice sweet, marry good husband " you always had listened! There should be meter of sweet cake in 6 ceremonies so.

Additional, why should prepare 4 kinds of candy again? It is sweetness of symbolic people of a new type, hoary head arrives old meaning.

Betrothal gift repays the intention of woman parent on behalf of the man not only, endure all kinds of hardships brings up acknowledgment woman home be about to of move into one's husband's household upon marriage marry a woman newly, also represented the man's outer part at the same time. So great majority is willing to acquire wind scene light, creditably, and every betrothal gift also was included denounce auspicious, increase satisfactory indicative import.

Betrothal gift divides 6 simple ceremonies or cultured normally 12 ceremonies, the budget of the individual of amount according to of betrothal gift is arranged, might as well at the same time hold go-between in the palm to be consulted to woman parent, ask woman opinion, do the ostentation and extravagance of a make the best of both worlds.
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