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Common of each country marriage, multifarious
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France -- the fokelore of the egg

In France a few countries have such tradition consuetudinary: The girl is in marry that day, want on the sly to take a few eggs to hide in garment pants. When bridegroom accompanies a bride to enter bridal chamber, the bride falls intentionally, touch the egg broken, symbolize with this can bear children.

White marriage white is the mass-tone attune of romantic French wedding, no matter be to decorate used flower, still be bridal dress, and even all decorating adornment, be white,
Should chasteness is too busy the marriage that can see French eye is medium. On wedding, new a form of address for one's wife will surely prepare a name to be " Weddingarmosre " the cabinet is made dotal, on ark quarter have the pattern of manual and careful, indicative health and prosperity, be with having again " the small box of the hope " good name; And the mug that new talented person uses also has specific name, the name is " Coupdemarriage " the meaning is " bridal cup "

Thailand -- with large tree get married

Thai comparatives believe in is Buddhist, buddhism is decided to be state religion. Every man arrived certain age, should give property bonze, little criterion 3 months, many 35 years, lifetime even, connect king not exceptional also. If a man should not cross bonze, cannot regard an adult as, not only close friend is looked down on, it is very difficult also to look for a girlfriend repeatedly. Visible buddhism has how old force in Thailand. This kind of buddhism is formal still express bridal now ceremonially even.

Be in a few places of Thailand south, often can see a few people cultivate piping and drumming greatly round, joyous song graceful dance, it is local man is holding the ceremony with large tree get married so. The object of the get married that fasten look is the tree that won't talk, but ceremony however grand and as lively like spousal of true male and female.

Commensurate tree marries, in the big bowl that the betrothal gifts Cheng Zaiyin that the man sends makes, call " niche Ma is beautiful " or " niche Ma dish " . Niche Ma flower is 25 areca fruit normally, the mug-up that niche Ma dish loves for people more, candy and pillow, matting and candle.

Before bridal ceremony begins, bridegroom wears luxuriant ceremonial robe or dress, in numerous dress up so that be gorgeously dressed gets a girl to cluster round below, by clear the way of a long drum, come vast and mightily to the front of the large tree of presbyterial make choice of in the village. Girls display betrothal gifts in " the bride is cultivated " before, presbyterial announce wedding begins. At this moment, bridegroom can take out a dozen candles, one by one is ignited, insert by niche Ma one by one, the concerning that listens attentively to presbyterial reading lection next is paragraphic. Then, the father of bridegroom puts a few flowers, areca and a few silver dollar in the pillow of niche Ma, the most old old madam in the village is represented " the bride is cultivated " accept a gift, when the candle goes out, bridal ceremony ends. People begins to be blessed to bridegroom, dine together, a joyous singing and dancing treads later, arrive till curtain of night.
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