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Folk-custom: Espouse is asked no-noly period no-no
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  "6 ceremonies " one of please period, old show choose of the bridegroom's or husband's family decides wedding day, equipment ceremony tells the wife's family, beg its to agree. Wedding day is decided jointly by family of both sides of male and female more now. The respect is decided in the choose of wedding day, there is contraindication more between common. ;

Common saying says, "Hock does not urge atone for, the woman is not urged marry " . Wedding day is commonly offer an opinion first by the man, ask actively by the woman rarely. Marital important matter, the day of espouse is the most crucial, must pick an auspicious day avoid fierce. According to " annals of custom of China whole nation " carry, old times, nanjing is taken " the bridegroom's or husband's family is about to marry, send astral home Zou auspicious character 8 of male and female first, make do not have offend surely, without celestial bodies of Xing Kezhi fine, with appropriate of new personality bath is being written down on complete Gong Jian when, he Fang of water use up all one's resources, the litter on new personality when, close nuptial wine cup when, avoid avoid He Ren, call send a day. " the Bai nationality also has this common. According to " history of society of the Bai nationality is investigated " carry, the Bai nationality " marry should pick an auspicious day day, when holding wedding, see its whether have ' Bai Hu controls a house ' or ' Bai Hu press ' ; If Bai Hu presses room, press, cannot marry, only additional pick an auspicious day day. Only additional pick an auspicious day day..

Home of photograph letting a bit is computative lucky day, protocol wedding day, it is to believe the art of astral photograph home calculates, the Ji Ricai that believes astral photograph home pushs cipher out is truly undoubted auspicious day. This is common letter support and safeguard of the activity to superstition. Astral photograph home explains that one saying theory at Everyman be deliberately mystifying for distinction, not be common letter any more, cater to common to believe however and surmount common letter " harangue " . It musts make the people cannot master by oneself and only then the possibility that can hold ego to exist, so, we talk about the about wedding day good or ill luck opinion in civilian common letter and its contraindication only.

Marry great gift, arrangement is inside which one a particular year, folk is to have exquisite. It is to be put inside the normal time that does not have very special status to manage a wedding commonly. A lot of area avoid do not have the Han nationality spring year of espouse.

Without spring year, do not have day of the Beginning of Spring in those days namely, some places say for " few year " . "Few year " " few " the word is to marry the big fear of time, can make a person think of " widow " " few is resided " " those have no kin and cannot support themselves " wait for a term, it is big apparently ominous.
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