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The detail that day mixes marriage banquet formal
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1, welcome guest: Bridegroom, bride should express enthusiasticly to welcome and be thanked, give a medium elder or other visitor timelily guest introduction, press order offer one's seat to sb according to elder or generation portion next, send the red package on right now to the guest, no matter gift light gift is heavy, bridegroom, bride wants ground of treat equally without discrimination to express our thanks.

2, conversational josh: Chat with elder want cordial and condescending; and speech of of the same generation to want enthusiastic courtesy.

3, cooperate each other: Bridegroom, bride goes up in wedding double piece double into, had better not act alone apart, and be in coordinate an aspect each other, should notice ceremony, for example: Answer to introduce respective elder or kin of of the same generation, friend to the other side each other.

4, marriage banquet begins: Bridegroom, bride should press primary and secondary, ordinal propose a toast to each guest to guest banquet, when proposing a toast, want to be a guest to fall goblet full double hand to be carried for the guest with one's own hands, but not uniform importune guest quaff, after waiting for a guest to put down goblet, bridegroom, bride should say voice " thank " , add goblet for the guest again full, be down a guest to propose a toast again.

5, marriage banquet ends: When the guest leaves, bridegroom, bride wants in pairs to stand at the doorway, be the same as guest handclasp good-bye one by one, mix to the arrival of close friend the blessing thankses again.

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