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How does marriage banquet seat weave
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Home of male and female sets one seat chairman each, can avoid have too many things to take care of at the same time.
Seat of bridegroom, bride should be male Zun Nv right.
The seat that accompanies man and a matron of honour should be arranged beside new person.
The brotherly sister of elder and the brotherly sister that compare close family member to be like parents or grandfather, grandmother, should arrange as far as possible in master banquet or important place.
Arrangement gives other elder and kin, the uncle that be like ︰, uncle, compeer or cousin sister.
Other seat
According to the men and women advocate the position of the desk, it is the guest cent of the bride's side and the bridegroom's or husband's family two or so, male Zun Nv is right.
Separate guest into the category such as sister group, brother group, colleague, classmate, common relatives and friends and mass organizations friend, the visitor that gives same category as far as possible allocates come two banquet, book the order that decide a stage.
the seat watch paste is in reception desk, convenient guest check the number is entered.
When asking guest to leave behind a good reputation in autograph cloth, can mark the case that next visitors arrive incidentally, encounter have too much guest temporarily absent, can be before sitting will present already guest assembles ably together.

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