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Wedding companies designated by the hotel do not have to pay 3,000 yuan cloth m
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New people in the hotel for wedding, parties will be arranged about the scene, most of the hotel which is free. However, in a recent reflection of the people posting on the Internet, and now a number of hotels in Yantai city and wedding companies started to bundle together business, if customers choose the company designated by the hotel arranged wedding banquet scene, the hotel will provide services free of charge, and the customer to choose if the Wedding companies, hotels 3000-3200 per month will be charged fees of cloth market, this caused a public challenge. User Debated whether the company designated by the hotel wedding terms of the King Recently, one called the "perfect bride" of the users on the Internet posting said that she and her boyfriend's wedding scheduled for next May, the most recent period she ran home she was more like a lot of hotel consulting booking wedding thing, but talk about the details with one of several hotels, when they told her the other side, decorated wedding site must use their wedding designated by the hotel company, or we need to pay 3,000 yuan to the hotel distribution market fees. Subsequently, the users "perfect bride" and her boyfriend went to several wedding companies designated by the hotel inquire about price, but she felt that the company is not the price of your wedding, the wedding is their style from people like, so they began to try and discuss their own hotel Companies looking for wedding things. Make the "perfect bride" did not expect is that they find along the coastal road four-day hotel, got almost the same as saying, "your own can be, but cloth market fees should not be spared." The friends said angrily, when they were told to buy a car must use the designated insurance companies cab company, was also put up, because you can change the second year to an insurance company. But this time it is intolerable own! This wedding is a lifetime event, your favorite hotels want to use in your favorite wedding company held a wedding, and the hotel have to bind the wedding service, which is not part of the terms of Overlord? Almost all major hotels】 wedding company "office" 5 am, the reporter has visited the Hongkou Hotel, Pacific Hotel, sea Building, Golden Gulf Hotel, several high-profile star hotel, in the process of visiting reporters found that almost all of these hotels have wedding company "The Office" and some of the hotel reservation center wedding and wedding company is also housed within the same room. 11 am, when the reporter's identity in order to provide wedding to Golden Gulf Hotel, the hotel's two large banquet hall is the two weddings were held, flowers, gun salute, the band is very lively. The hotel reservation center, a wedding staff to reporters about the size of their wedding hotel contractor, price and so on. Speaking of the wedding, she smiled and told reporters that the hotel held their wedding to be designated by the hotel's wedding with their company, when the reporter said his company has been looking for a good wedding, she said the wedding with their home companies do not use the specified venue decoration fees to pay, and if the wedding is your own company to the amount of foreign hotel decorating the venue will have 3,000 of the cloth market fees. "You can make arrangements for your own wedding other wedding services company, as long as the scene in the hotel arranged wedding wedding with our family designated companies can save 3,000 of the cloth market took." The staff member added. Wedding Hotels Corporation has signed an agreement】 According to the hotel reservation center staff wedding party static introduction, they present with a hotel called "Sea of Love," the wedding company signed a contract will be signed next year, two other wedding companies. Now make arrangements for a wedding ceremony site, wedding companies to pay a few thousand dollars to the cost of 3 million range, while the price level, one is used depends on the flowers or artificial flowers, and second, depending on the props used in the scene grade and so on. But I use them to the main wedding companies designated by the hotel, cheaper than outside market price of about five thousand yuan. Then reporters came to the right in the hotel lobby Sea of Love wedding company, according to the company's Manager Zhang introduced the wedding, Sea of Love wedding in Yantai, seven or eight stores, all set in the upscale hotel. They currently have and the Golden Gulf Hotel, Marina Hotel, Orient Haitian, several large hotels contracted in these hotels provide wedding venues are decorated with their company, according to the company's contract with the hotel, I do not need to pay primary cloth market fees, and if I choose the Lord your wedding, hotels will have to receive cloth market fees. Subsequently, the reporters call the Marina International Hotel Orient Haitian and verify zhang's claim, but the two hotels have said they do not specify a wedding company, no matter what the customer with a wedding venue decoration companies do not charge fees. Lawyers say: Bundled Service to violate the right of free choice of consumers Although many of the unspoken rules the wedding industry, but the city received complaints from the public sector associations are rare. The industry said that the reason fewer complaints wedding, because wedding is a happy industry, even if some of the unreasonable charges or behavior, while most couples would choose to inclusion. 5 afternoon, the reporter consulted on the issue of peace in Shandong lawyer firm Ma Guoliang, Ma counsel, the lack of charge distribution fees based on market, consumers have the right to protest. Wedding services that bundle hotel and forced consumption of tying in violation of the "PRC Consumer Rights Protection Law" and "the people of the Republic of China Against Unfair Competition Law" the relevant provisions "to provide consumers the right to choose the operators of goods or services "," consumer choice of commodities or services, the right to compare, identify and select. " This hotel is first deprived of the right of free choice of consumers, the hotel restaurant of consumer spending in the premise, to force the company bundled its designated service wedding, or for consumers to receive high-demand wedding cloth market companies charge additional practice violation of the law, consumers may encounter this situation complaints to the Consumers Association to protect their legitimate rights and interests.
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