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Jidong new trend in rural areas: Cultural wedding instead of "bridal chamber" o
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Erotic this year, Tangshan, Hebei farmers Qin Qin Zhigang old man for his son married a beautiful wife, in and to the difference is, a place of fashionable wedding celebration followed rural Jidong long "bridal chamber" Marriage. Wedding is festive and lively. These days, simple and honest Qin old man wandering around his mouth pipe down over the village as the son of Qin Zhigang made wedding candy, the village men and women to meet long-law Jun praise him, also cooing wedding celebration of his house to do the "good te , te authentic! "Many villagers said that after his son marry a wife to do so too. Qin old man living in the eastern foot of Yanshan Mountain, Hebei, a small village, away from downtown, in the past If someone married a new wife, eight miles to the village has become the number one big happy event. To the wedding, when to drink, young and old folks flocked to the wedding banquet table Liu Shuixi access table, before anything has been sunset drink Kusakabe. In the evening, followed the main event for many years, "the bridal chamber," the young man became a Young wanton world of fun. Gag, malicious playfulness, assailing the bride, and even hiding in the marriage room "of the voices" and other details have become the talk of gossip. Many can not afford to "bridal chamber" toss the bride mental and physical exhaustion, and more ready to marry the "bride" is the "bridal chamber" had a fear of terrorist psychology. Now, good policies, and access roads lead to the mountains, and rich farmers a broader view of the Jidong, the wedding concept has changed. Original relying Qin Zhigang Qin old man and his son by the dairy farming in recent years had played a well-off life. The face of his son's love affair, the old man thought to want to discuss the decision with his son's wedding with the traditional concept of the old challenges. Qin Zhigang joyful wedding day, hundreds of miles, Pat Heung, the folks who will be surrounded by a packed house of Qin. Invited to the wedding host city and country band to the quiet little village had a falling out days, but the bride has become absolute "star." The stage will host humor shy bride and all the enthusiasm of villagers set off one after another climax. In the wedding celebration for up to thirty minutes time, filled with laughter, applause, cheers. Later, all the folks still feel unsatisfied, and hope that some of the wedding and then a long time. Afterwards, presided over hundreds of field host range of wedding real farmers, told reporters before the Jidong area farmers get married at home, guests began to drink the whole eating, drinking too much waiting for the evening the bridal chamber. And now, the villagers get married, most importantly, is the wedding ceremony, the villagers are looking forward to is the scene. Whose wedding with a lively atmosphere, someone on the scene, as at the bridal chamber is obsolete. Now, more and more farmers like Jidong wedding celebration with this fashion to challenge the old marriage custom of the "bridal chamber" has become the symbol of uncivilized, far away from people's lives.
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