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Gold wedding engineers division - marriage of Xiangtan of Miss Wu Menghui celebr
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The woman holds beautiful type and romantic fokelore in both hands
Fokelore receives a bride to hold beautiful girl in both hands in wedding, will become a marrier. If fokelore is fabulous only, you but would rather believe that is true?

Many people know, bridal hand holds a flower in both hands to come from western religion spousal, popularity is in on after century World War II. Choose a bride to hold a flower in both hands to should wait for harmonious collocation with bridal figure, dress commonly. The bride with petite figure suits not quite too too long, big hold a flower in both hands, lest appear top-heavy. And the advantage that the bride with slender figure gets on personally to foil, the chief body of form of water, chute holds a flower in both hands is first-rate choice. The choice majority bride that bridal hand holds beautiful color in both hands likes to wear white marriage gauze, that had better choose chrysanthemum of red rose, Huang Ju, Africa to wait, if use orchid of butterfly orchid, the stem of noble dendrobium conditionally criterion more become aware handsome. Of these flowers all round the Rou Xicui part of a historical period that still needs to wait with asparagus, Tian Dong tries to foil, and attach is all over the sky 9 times star, that appears be full of poetic flavour.

If bridal place wears the marriage gauze that is red, those who hold a flower in both hands is tonal should give priority to with lotus of the carnation of simple but elegant, horse's hoof, chrysanthemum, lily, a few brunet floret are adorned among, deserve to was all over the sky more again star, your hand holds beautiful “ in both hands to turn round to lead ” the meeting is very tall oh! Bridal hand holds a flower in both hands   of   of 10 main types 1. Circle: Most in a popular style, also be more traditional pattern. Want to be adjusted slightly only, no matter annulus is fat swallow the bride of thin, height or the formal attire with any forms are tie-in very match. 2. Circle 3 paragraphs of type: Basically can be different circle is combined and become by 3 size, flagging curve can depend on be fond of and try to change. In principle, the bride that carries high is more comfortable at the hand hold this holds a flower in both hands, the curve is mixed apparently luxuriant marriage gauze formal attire to it most fast matched. 3. Triangle: A circle and one branch long flower are strung together, two kinds of when a circle and 3 flowers string together a composition fundamental composition of a picture. This holds beautiful modelling having a unique style in both hands, want to try to adjust according to bridal bodily form only, any posture and temperamental bride are appropriate. 4. Bend lunar form: Curved month form holds the flavor that elegance contains in beautiful tradition in both hands, the royal wedding of type of extremely comfortable Yu Zheng. Modelling can depend on make it of bridal be fond of erect or perverse form, basically carry high with the figure, fine bride most can foil goes out imposing manner pledges compatibly. 5. Flagging form: Flagging form holds beautiful flexibility in both hands great, but luxuriant, but pure and fresh and refined, but rustic wind, also be relatively the design that the person enrages. With be being carried high, the bride of temperamental beautiful or luxurious and the formal attire that long skirt is placed can match most. 6. Chute form: Chute form holds flower and flagging form likeness in both hands, also be the pattern that has person energy of life extremely. Cast the line that shoots shape to resemble leap like chute and falling, but hyperbole, but soft beauty, use the model that feels dye-in-the-wood, let a person fondle admiringly. Carry high, nobility the bride can choose luxuriant design, be like the word that matchs with the formal attire that long skirt is placed again, will be perfect optimal combination. The bride with petite figure can use decorous orchid to give priority to a flower, the style with contracted make it. 7. Water form: Fundamental composition of a picture is the combination of one hemisphere form and triangle, resemble the figure that is water. Water form holds a flower in both hands very denounce happy event, hold a flower in both hands with the circle identical, the bride of any bodily form very match. 8.S form: S form holds the metabolic modelling that the flower belongs to round evolution and comes in both hands, the scale of S radian can try to adjust according to the be fond of of new personality. Elegant line grants the visual effect that person warmth does not have again, daughter of an eminent family the bride is very comfortable at the hand hold this holds a flower in both hands. 9. Globose: Globose hold a flower in both hands to grant the person's lovely, natural feeling, more comfortable at outdoors or the wedding of having sth new. Melting and lovely bride hand takes this to hold a flower in both hands will inereasingly but the person is handsome. 10. Grasp pattern (bouquet form) : Grasp type to hold a flower in both hands to sending out natural countryside wild wind, if be apt to uses the adornment of lace, just like 1000 change person Jing lets colourful like young woman. This holds a flower in both hands more comfortable also at outdoors or the wedding of having sth new is used.
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