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Layout of ceremony of marriage of elder brother of bridal lane Cao (pluvial lake
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Have posture place: Hunan - Xiangtan - pluvial lake area - large building of Xiangtan pool town 520 rooms of 5 buildings

Marriage of elder brother of Cao of bridal lane —— celebrates formal company, hold water then on November 11, 2005. Division of elder brother of Cao of company plan chief inspector bear at capital “ door of ” of 4 names mouth Mr. Shi Kangning falls, it is ministry of classics civil administration grooms the bridal plan division that Xiangtan marriage celebrates a first place to obtain national attestation, compere, ever won championship of contest of Hunan Province speech, countrywide poetry reads aloud contest first prize, large award of first popular song surpasses Hunan Province runner-up, won gold prize of contest of countrywide bridal compere 2006, optimal eloquence award. Be celebrated by countrywide marriage guild judges 100 strong bridal compere of the whole nation that it is << >> . Save master of ceremonies of specially invite of city TV station. Had chaired hotel wedding, lawn wedding, candle power wedding, cathedral wedding, outdoors and bridal, domestic wedding, collective is bridal. It is at present Xiangtan marriage celebrates course of study to having more than 1000 marriage exclusively to celebrate, Shouqing engineers the compere that chairs experience. Hotel of guesthouse of we and each big star class built strategic associate to concern, the company has a profession to engineer division, adviser of professional bridal superintend and director, lighting engineer, setting division, spend art division, DJ division, cameraman. Cameraman, the company is characteristic with wedding of formulate individual character, do you want to have a romantic wedding? Come here, marriage of elder brother of bridal lane, Cao celebrates atelier to will realize all these for you. The detail is landed please: WWw.0732hq.com website inquires firm address; Large building of Xiangtan pool town 520 rooms of 5 buildings young lady of soup of phone 13007325556 13973215432
Email: 0732HQ@163.COM

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