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The actor bad of a variety of fashionable wedding breakfast is compared greatly
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  Wedding breakfast is a successBridalIn the most crucial grand opera, it is field no matter, decorate, famished look... the combination of each respect and collocation not allow to ignore. Marry at present the dinner customer of new personality condition, can divide roughly it is 5 kinds big:

  Old hotel of 5 stars class

Although the price of restaurant of 5 stars class is more average restaurant is tall, but its are add the appeal of value still makes new personality scramble for sth. If be everything of wedding of new personality program, before offerring wedding even beautify hair, hairdressing, Marriage gauze, the service such as flatlet of photography, newly-married.

  General restaurant

Although be not a patch on the delicate degree of old hotel of 5 stars class, but the requirement that still can raise according to new personality accomplishs each service as far as possible, be like what decorate the auditorium is beaming, and microphone of lamp of candle of be pregnant a large, happy event, happy event, red carpet.

Large dining room

Dining-room is the site that majority marriage new personality can consider to deal with wedding breakfast, advocate if price is medium and dining-room deals with great dinner small those who drink is seasoned, the processing to marriage banquet already do a familiar work with ease.

  Europe type buffet

To the youth, sometimes won't constrained at must dealing with the banquet of marriage of traditional Chinese style of ten dish, according to the famished look of individual be fond of, deal, and the Europe type buffet that accords with contemporary taste may be more welcome. The fare of banquet of this kind of marriage is much with the number plan, one guest at least is in 400 yuan of above.

   Do desk

In temple front courtyard, clearing, streets and lanes, put up cloth canopy, pensile red to be fond of a large, this is ten years ago, the wedding breakfast with the most popular Taiwan condition, be in at present country still popular such marriage banquet type. General one desk 4000-6000 yuan famished look is very rich.

The new personality wedding breakfast on wedding breakfast is held instantly after wedding normally, contemporary banquet traveler changes to be held in the late evening gradually and the site also changes gradually in restaurant.

Wedding breakfast most does not have due process, BrideWant to change 3-5 to cover different evening dress normally, can to the top of one's bent performance dress, and it is exclusive heroine. Except propose a toast, Xie Ke, outside seeing a visitor out, new personality most does not leave a place; But should notice formal attire on one hand, want to note the person of come and go on one hand, because this most eats,be less than what thing. So, eat more before marriage banquet a bit, it is very important.
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