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Beautiful bride hundred
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No matter ferial whether on time hairdressing maintains, in before marrying two months, hairdressing protects one of the course plans before skin becomes new personality marriage serious content. Differ with in former years, the hairdressing before marriage protected skin market to have new content this year: Personalized hairdressing is taken seriously, beautiful body makes the new window of the hairdressing before marriage, high-grade brand cosmetic occupies consumptive market dominant in. These forming this year the 3 big characteristics of market of the hairdressing before Xi'an marriage.

Personalized hairdressing accepts favour

One kind rice raises 100 type person, such times had gone. When present cosmetic company and beauty parlour are undertaking to new personality cosmetic introduction and hairdressing coach, pay attention to an individual particularly idiosyncratic, had the white that allocates for the individual only then bottom, perfume and beautify hair of the product be born, make everybody OK the be fond of according to oneself and need, select the product that fits most. Besides cosmetic and perfume kind outside the product, protect skin to taste also emphasize pledging in the light of individual skin suit the remedy to the case, allocate for everybody exclusive recipe. To new personality, this kind is paid attention to individual, seek popular alternative not blindly, can highlight ego style most, can solve the most personal problem. Besides, the reporter understands, by professional beautician basis the individual's skin is detected before the result makes a marriage, maintain plan and plan and family restore to nurse after marriage program, make the item of a service with Xi'an popular this year beauty parlour. New personality needs professional hairdressing center or dragon of beautiful Yan Sha only, signal wedding day, demand can, need not close all previous of at every turn is in person. Additional, beauty parlour still appears easily according to the new personality before marriage the circumstance such as exhaustion, made special remedy type to nurse project, if choose to make the same score film of eye of + of fluid of hairdressing of + of the frost that knit an eye, alimentary furrow belt and the supply that the sources of energy of ministry of additional key point estimates, cooperate magic hand microwave to massage nurse, eliminate furrow black rim of the eye. Additional, professional beauty parlour and each big cosmetic company rolled out the hairdressing product with very high content of science and technology, these makeup protect skin to taste not just the beautification of appearance of be confined to, pay attention to more from healthy angle improvement human body skin pledges, make hairdressing person from inside outside arriving more healthy beauty. Be like, the capsule of angel beauty hairdressing with more popular near future, namely one kind adds content of dermal collagen protein through skin activation element, make the skin is full of stretch hairdressing product. Hairdressing industry goes after science and technology to change, make medicine and hairdressing science and technology lean nearlier. Its product from go up at all altered the people understanding to hairdressing, make of Xi'an consume group of broaden the scope.
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