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Marry before today obligatory course
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What kind of hairstyle and make up to add up to oneself most, it is clearer to believe to compare oneself without the person, and the bride makes up have not at common makeup, marriage gauze and head gauze if blend appropriate can reflect a very beautiful one side, but should be like a choice, had better hear the opinion of professional personage first, oneself are again attentive, sober the ground makes judgement.

Tip1 all sorts of dressing up supplement, had better not borrowed.

Although magazine go-between is very beautiful, but because many environmental elements are affected, whether to suit him unknown, best also can put down oneself be fond of, choose a few supplement that suit oneself completely.

It is not quite clear whether oneself appearance appearance and model resemble, if have,learn according to appearance, solid belong to impolicy, if you like the makeup of model and hair style very much, if suiting self-consciously again, might as well try, if pure 綷 sees other people is beautiful,borrowed that is bad.

Often the with professional personage vision that oneself like comes in and go out somewhat, want to accept the opinion of other, a lot of moment want a course to return answer attempt, accept all sorts of experiment.

Before Tip2 marriage one day had better not blow face wool.

A lot of person comes for the day of big marriage makeup beautiful  , can blow face wool, actually this action pole is belonged to undeserved, the likelihood also has been blown before you, thing of what of after the event also did not happen, thought to be no problem, but today when different former days, nervous mood may affect the skin to bring about sensitive circumstance to appear, so best in advance is blown one week, arrived before big marriage two, 3 days of reexamination, if not quite mixed and disorderly OK.

If face wool is not too much, also not was necessary to blow, the wool that blow a cover is a more complex issue actually, not careful still can have accident happening, if want to do really, consulting professional personage is a feasible method.

Tip3 wants to play the part of beautiful oneself, had better not too lockstep.

Change come out makeup, if feel like that,resembled what be deficient in like, that may be whole makeup include lipstick, color of skin was close to too, the lipstick with optional a bit thicker at that time colour and lustre, tick off round of Guo of the lip come out, and on the face a few more optional healthy and Anacreontic rouge, satisfy major general colour less to sweep then above, till till satisfaction, can change so give not exaggerative, but natural makeup.

Ferial although do not make up lady, big marriage life should be changed very much, color is OK not quite intense, most at least also should make a shadow, will annulus Guo draw the outline of comes out.

Tip4 marriage gauze and hairstyle want to cooperate, the feeling is quite otherwise strange...
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