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How does the personnel on wedding divide the work
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Wedding is happy, but the war with lively setting busier than it may not be a bad idea, all sorts of link can not have any accident, the person that also needs to assign each station likewise so helps you do.

Manager: Responsible and overall conduct is harmonious reach guidance each job.

Always coordinate + emcee: Be in charge of chairing marry overall spot coordinates celebration and directive each job, responsible hotel, decorate the spot, welcome the job; Responsible contact, communicate each, the process that just works each.

Partner man: Custodial marriage certificate, guide bridegroom, bride to propose a toast on the banquet, greet visitor.

A matron of honour: Custodial marriage give up, guide bridegroom, bride to propose a toast on the banquet, greet visitor.

Chief witness at a wedding ceremony: Book of responsible card marriage is written and read out.

Travel manager: Responsible whole journey is greeted guide in person, greet chair in person, album of responsible hotel electron is broadcasted (responsible and custodial jotter and measuring projector) .

Traffic manager: Direct of car of responsible whole journey, harmonious; Article is carried; Bridal family member is received send reach a guest to receive send.

Article director: Of smoke of sitting room of breakfast of responsible staff member, lunch, bridal chamber, candy, tea put, the hotel is fond of a word. The complement of party goods extends reach cigarette of control, responsible hotel to extend. Be in charge of custodial jotter, measuring projector, CD, phone, be in charge of picking up the telephone.

Firecracker director: Be in charge of blowouting, colored ribbon works, harmonious contact sets off time and job of fill a vacancy twice.

The hotel is in charge of: Responsible assistance does fine public house to decorate, harmonious job, with article director club puts sugar of smoke, wine comprehensive and the job such as melon seeds, responsible greet guest to welcome the job, the happy candy on responsible feast extends.

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