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Wedding Host Wuhan earn 3-60000 months to make a living can not rely on the mou
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Yesterday, Hubei wedding host the finals stage of competition, from the wedding of the province compete for 20 places of 10 to enter the National Finals. This reporter has learned, and now, Wuhan ranks of professional wedding hosting nearly 100 people, Wang Quarter of monthly income can reach 30 000 -6 million. Competition site, the players will be the wedding scenes clips to the stage, but not to drink four downtown 吆 three games, there is no color jokes, displaying the contents of the more cultural connotation: The elegant tea, eight major culinary interpretation of the reality of marriage, a sense of Excited parents kindness. DONG Bin Hubei Industry Association, described the wedding, this wedding contest held once every 2 years, equivalent to host a wedding "rating." Right now, Wuhan professional wedding hosts nearly 100, of which more than the main Holders who had won the gold medal in the national competition, the overall level of emission in the nation. Many players said the new Wuhan increasingly high demand for weddings, and now hosts more than just the wedding ceremony, by "fresh mouth" will be able to live, but play a wedding planner, becoming a "hybrid home": understand the etiquette, Choreography, make-up, floral and so on, have a certain literary training to write a beautiful copy, you also need a strong on-site control, adaptability. Usually, the host to prepare a creative, stylish wedding 1-3 months in advance and repeated communication. However, their return is not bad. It is understood that an entry-level one will receive one after the wedding hosts 600-800 yuan, Most qualifications can earn 1,000-2,000 yuan host, the host of outstanding individual can get 3,000 or more, if it is well-known radio and television host guest, you can earn 8,000 yuan -2 million. In May, October and so the wedding season, the host can receive 10-40 pen one month, told, most can earn 30,000 a month -6 million.
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