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Wedding drills practical manual
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The following wants a bride to remember well:
1, notice beautiful hair maintain, must not take a risk to do what new hair style a few days ago in wedding, once the result is bad, will becoming “ marriage is the optimal spokesman of the sepulchral ” of love.
2, ahead of schedule 3 months begin 2 ~ to do the skin to nurse regularly.
3, the convention of work and rest with good nurturance.
4, bridal do not drink water more in the evening before today, before sleeping especially half hour, get up the following day otherwise, assure to turn “ giant panda into ” .
5, bridal that day, if not be the problem that the eye has what spy to fasten, had better not stick double-fold eyelid, not too Guo Yanli, pure and fresh figure suits a bride more.
6, although fingernail is small, very notable also, the most important did not stay too longly namely, the silk of bud of lacerate of occasion —— fingernail that produces awkwardness possibly when wearing marriage gauze glove otherwise.

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