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Wedding drills practical manual
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2, take a picture socks of needs headgear, fittings, silk, shoe all must prepare to put appropriate, overmuch jewelry had better not be worn when taking a picture.
3, the bride should wear a dress that opens the front part of a Chinese robe or jacket, the face destroyed to go up when lest change,wearing marriage gauze ceremonial robe or dress makeup reach hairstyle.
4, bridegroom business suit shoulds not be too formfitting, lest raise one's hand casts sufficient inconvenience.
5, new personality is protected hair, cut hair, marcel to had better be finished in a month, the skin maintains also should be in a week namely proceed.
6, collocation wants not to have aglet type underwear when formal attire of dress marriage gauze, if wearing Chinese style evening dress, had better put on air cushion or the underwear that have steel wire, but beautification bosom line.
7, bridal makeup does not want too rich and gaudy, had better communicate with dresser first, make the picture that takes lively and natural.
The 7th chapter: Bridegroom is read surely
Accurate bridegroom people noticed, the wife of for company future goes patting marriage gauze to illuminate can not be an easy thing, here should hit dozen of “ to prevent needle ” first. Take a picture to must clean face “ that day above all ” is neat, because the man also makes up today. To do not let be the young lady difficult to handle of your hairdressing, can want a mustache to blow clean You.
Next, ten minutes in you can “ looks brand-new ” , but accurate brides are red to lens manage makeup time also wants a hour at least, this paragraph of time is to choose formal attire or gad to be able to want to conduct well.
The 3rd, real test is in jian hou mian. Every change your bride to install, you are about to wait at least half hours, in other words, your bride changes a few second outfit, you are about to suffer dull pain a few times, the task that thinks to be able to be finished one morning, often want waste time one day. If you were afraid of now, still be to persuade your bride to change actor's costumes of a few bodies less so.
The 8th chapter: Marry day of bride
Marry a bride to waiting for for, the “ actual combat of before a few chapters forgets ” writes bridegroom and someone else to look fully, and what they need to do is to waiting to become the most beautiful bride only.
White marriage gauze can say be brides to love most, it is bridal classical attire. White is indicative chasteness and concentrated, more bridal added romantic atmosphere. White gauze has pacifically pulling end two kinds of design, apply to different situation. Divide the skirt that it is gauze and damask skirt again according to quality of a material two kinds of styles, can satisfy the requirement of different crowd. According to stylist introduction, the popularity of marriage gauze is “ does not have popular ” , the temperament that depends on an individual completely, be fond of and calm. Can you depend on even the film individual be fond of to adapt the plot of a play that why can Chinese bride have his unique marriage gauze? So, leave its what tide alone, if suit his, is best.
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