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Wedding drills practical manual
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4, wedding should plan stage of a sign in, because of it the mainest function is to collect case gift, the kin that should arrange a letter to had been gotten so is responsible. What notice even is, if guest did not include name of submit a written statement to a higher authority in case gift, best at that time him (she) the name is written on, when probable in the future meeting has ” of need “ courtesy demands reciprocity.
The 4th chapter: Choose shadow building
1, make an on-the-spot investigation on the spot: From inn hall, person the quality of gas, formal attire arrives the girl's quality, weighed in the hand nature to have a result.
2, the opinion that listens to close friends: Remember adage “ to listen to a person to persuade satiate meal ” , the opinion that hears a n experienced person allows a fault not.
3, the ” of “ old name with choice high reliability: According to “ osmund osmund of bridal ” wish manager introduction, general set up shop 3 years the marriage gauze inn of above spends a technology from credit should be more mature on the level, the guest chooses such inn to won't have a problem commonly. And a lot of advanced technologies are taken the lead in introducing by these inn, there can be more choice opportunities over.
The 5th chapter: Before photographing, negotiate
Make choice of inn-keeper is about to begin to move really, general inn-keeper asks prepaid deposit. Remember the interest must be being striven for before dig down, and fulfil what inn-keeper promises arrive written.
Of low price is pure commonly pat marriage gauze to illuminate, and do not offer exterior to film. Negative is not given or a few giving, serve without wedding or just make up the most basically like the bride, content of formal attire hack.
Basic content should abound higher-priced more in, from film environment, staff member, album how many, bridal service, give a ceremony to go up to have different reflect, can obtain how many material benefit to see the craftsmanship of ” of your “ negotiation. And the content that differs in all sorts of price basically is formative a cycle of songs in a traditional opera, filmed Zhang Shu, photo is special make, of album how many, the content of the Zhang Shu of income album and marriage dinner service.
About giving a gift, general component is two kinds, one kind is objective, be like: Marriage gauze, hand act the role ofing, souvenir. Another kind appears with VIP card form, content includes: Free anniversary is illuminated, a photograph of whole family, darling is illuminated or enjoy for many times reach lifelong preferential price to wait, formal diversity, by no means an isolated case.
The 6th chapter: The preparation before illuminating
1, take a picture before today, the mood is loosened, in advance rests, before sleeping drink water less, lest tertian eye is bloated, want to have enough sleep, take a picture so rise more mental coruscate, expression flies upwards.
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