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The wonderful plan of small-sized wedding
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Give me a few romantic aura
You are already right perhaps asperse leaf, drink hand in a cup of wine kind that builds romance to be familiar with too, let us come to you a few newest the most marvellous proposal: Someone says the feeling on hearing just is romantic highest state, so I tell you, the feeling of perfect union on hearing and vision just is the most romantic, invite a string orchestra, it can build romantic atmosphere more than average electronic band, cello plays slow song, violinist moves back and forth between guest, instigate with lively opern the mood of the spot, what still has originality more than this? The romance on smell also does not want to miss, one is like the sweet smell that if not have,has can make the spirit of people more hearten, do not use too thick perfume, candle of a few fragrance and faint perfume lily can achieve the result. Do not forget the banquet deck that is you a few realer romance, place a beautiful big cake for instance, decorate stage of mug-up of a fetching appetitive to wait a moment, while guest enjoys romance, appetite also is met by bring into play adequately rise. Use hubble-bubble machine in ceremonial climax namely finally, the effect like dream can make everybody lifelong and unforgettable, eliminate masters wind direction beforehand outside, you still can send every guest a bottle of suds that can blow, is letting them also become romantic member very good?
Deserve to act the role of appear more important
Bridal prop nothing more than receive card of card, invitation, seat, sign in this, ring is held in the palm, the article of a few appearance such as recompense, want all prop to accord with requirement of bridal field, colorific only, it is better to can get bridal throw into sharp relief can get bridal throw into sharp relief. In the meantime, the stage property that uses Western-style style can compare those who use Chinese style to show commonly more foreign flavour. In small-sized wedding, all presswork should have more unified design, should make whole set that is to say, can make the spot appears randommer otherwise. Will tell commonly, a kind and optional invitation may suit diminutive marriage banquet more, it revealed the affinity between you and guest, you are OK above write on your nickname to him, still what spoken language changes invite; Receive a card to be able to choose you the caricature head portrait of two or a few simple, easy designs; Sign in had better be cabinet and delicate likewise originally, in that way ability more the temperament that accords with whole marriage banquet.
Have a clearer distinction with large wedding, it is small-sized and bridal need clear, simple guide indicates a shop sign, tell guest closet intuitionisticly to be waited a moment where in the where, recompense that get, can prevent needless disorder so.
The dress of small-sized wedding
Probably, you feel small-sized to the guest on wedding is the closest person, you can show the one side of “ true ” before them. But must not forget, this day is bridal, it is the ceremony with the most important life, your need dress is grand, reveal your happiness and beauty to everybody. This is decided by traditional element not only, be pair of guest more take seriously and respect. Tell you a few dress that suit small-sized wedding here, these valuable experience can help you be in keep beautiful while reduce a lot of troubles. If wedding day is in fine summer, wedding is to be outdoor hold, should choose so lightsome the marriage gauze that breathe freely, head gauze had better be simple, flat perhaps leave out, such ability do not let a person feel stuffy and steam are threatening, also can let you show scene on marriage banquet. If be held indoors, the space is not very big, that best choice skirt places a few smaller marriage gauze, be mixed very easily by chair leg otherwise footstep.
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