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The wonderful plan of small-sized wedding
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Finally, draw the attention of guest with a few interesting window. Install a few interesting setting, the local activity that the visitor that leads you goes appointing is very clever method. You need to survey site from many angle, what place can build a sweet and interesting atmosphere below in detail record. Generally speaking, a little corner is easier illuminative place. You can apply the method of spray paint to make a romantic setting that contains your photograph, guest can stand here group photo; Also can arrange full the photograph that one side wall sticks sitting guest, ask them above the speech that find his and writes a blessing.
What should remind finally is, a lot of in the holds wedding newlywed person outdoor, be not insolated by the sun to take care of everybody and umbrella of on a lot of suns is inserted in field, although this kind of practice basks in very effective fruit to preventing, but the visual result that can affect your wedding picture however. The proposal is, attendant all around put the place that contains sunshade to rest in order to offer everybody, but in the center of field best as far as possible little the sun umbrella that decorates keep out line of sight, powwow when still ask everybody to go had better.  
Little ground old scene
little ground everybody wants make it old scene, a few good ideas can help you realize a dream. It is above all by about flower respect decorate, because ground is little, apply flower ability to spend money less make good result, use a flower besides common ground, the most important is to spend the door and bride to hold a flower in both hands. First for door saying a flower, same the limitation as a result of field, the large flower door of hemicycle does not suit you apparently, cabinet, pour U model the pressure that spent the door to highlight romantic atmosphere to won't add a space again already. The colour and lustre of beautiful door should fall in the premise of pure and fresh quietly elegant, as tonal as the whole of field photograph is unified.
Hold beautiful more nuptial central issue in both hands to be in, the wedding that a bundle of small circle holds a flower in both hands to may be you graces many, what differ somewhat is, the colour that holds a flower in both hands can choose to shine colourfully beautiful, and can use more beautiful material, build the abundance that go out, delicate effect to be able to be in so bring pure and fresh, lively breath to wedding gives while the bride graces. In front respecting, in have dinner the area should use lofty, luxuriant desk flower less, how can you just make this field not drab so? Applying diminutive desk to spend is a good idea, the eat of every guest dish before have the flower with one bright-coloured fasciculus, there still is the seat card that keeping his name above, this meeting lets guest feel you take him seriously very much, also can bring delicate, romantic feeling. Petaline nature also is indispensable good associate, desktop, ground, eat dish in it resembles …… the elf on wedding, no matter be put where to won't appear abrupt,mix redundant, always can additional your wedding more give prize.
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