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The wonderful plan of small-sized wedding
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Use lighter color, the fittings such as desk flower, ornamental uses bright-coloured color. If be the outdoor greenbelt that widens in,hold a party, limitation is done not have so much, use bright-coloured color to be able to bring vigor and pulling force instead sometimes, your banquet more give prize.
The spot atmosphere with enthusiastic n/med the process of preparing Chinese medicine
Because ground is less, close quarters contact is belonged to between you and guest, the program with so interactive full-court is met the enthusiasm that can transfer an authority adequately. Make everybody collective lift a cup of marriage that leaves piece of group photo, everybody to repeat you together oath, have rhythm applause, even cantata, it is need not the good game that space of too big activity can move enthusiasm again. Of course, this needs you and compere beforehand to be communicated well.
Take outstanding bridal picture
Need not worry, the banquet detail that wants you only is quite much, no matter how field is narrow, can additional bridal album is rich rise, recipe is those who emphasize detail film. Most now professional and bridal cameraman pays attention to the new personality expression on wedding quite, they follow pat new personality to be on wedding all movements, do not let off a commemorable camera lens, this give no cause for more criticism. Our opinion is, ask a cameraman more (perhaps invite photography to have a fever friendly friend) , fore part begins in the banquet you film the detail of marriage banquet. You need before the event he films one piece detailed list, mention expressly among them you think original all bridal window, such ability guarantee against leak wonderful link. Generally speaking, these detail include: Stage of desk flower, doorknob hand flower, beautiful door, sign in, ceremony stage, receive card, ring to hold in the palm, recompense stage, bridal cake is waited a moment.
Neat and orderly repast area

What want a consideration above all is the safety of marriage banquet place, because do not have enough mobile space, you should be arranged as far as possible considerate, make guest ambulates less as far as possible, such ability can reduce the possibility of accident happening. Having two necessary measure must want to arrange beforehand: The first, enlarge your space as far as possible, ask a clerk to help you take away all needless cabinets, redundant desk and chair, put the drink material or blank bin like hill in field besides, pick up the balloon that scatters when the ceremony rise take away …… the 2nd, reduce needless ornamental, since place is not very great, suggest you do not arrange flower of overmuch adornment —— desk not to want in repast area too exorbitant big, flower of the back of the chair does not want too too complex and trival, antependium also should be compared concise. Such ability can let guest activity rise more be at ease, need not fear one face about touched what thing.
Next, if the person is much the space is little, had better not use the form of buffet. The means of traditional sitting repast can reduce the odds that guest ambulates apparently. And you still should prepare person specially assigned for a task to replace cake of water of the wine on guest, cent, all things have service personnel to finish, the dinner scene that lets you not only so has order very much, the guest that connect guest also can think you think very hand and foot.
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