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Cathedral wedding flow
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Next, it is to exeunt music, exeunt since the noise when new personality exeunts music, that will be lively, let a person be inspired with enthusiasm momently.
Music is a kind of the service, should pay fee so. Discuss beforehand and had arranged the matters concerned that pays cost to give executant. If be your friend or relative,have a show, if your inconvenience pays, an elegant little gift also is very good reward means.

Read out and prayer
This special segment is OK it is very slashing religious wedding ceremony becomes originally individuation. The level that you can choose relies on the requirement of Abba, want to undertake deliberative with him when the choice. After once you thought of,transmitting what information by prayer, at this moment your Abba can help you decide a most right choice. For very strict to religion wedding, you should choose the classical paragraph in Bible. Not so tradition and normal ceremony can choose to be able to convey you to be opposite well marital affective poem.

You are OK still your close friends comes to a different handpick paragraph deal out recite. Go among such wedding that more friends that are close friends with you can have an opportunity to join you, you invite them, they also can feel certainly be honoured very much.
Each other makes pledge
Your oath can keep what rate this also wants to be decided according to the requirement of Abba. But it is the contemporary term that you also can impose the most traditional bridal oath into him individuation, will make your oath and your wish photograph agrees.
Oath is those who convey your ceremony is grave with a kind of unique kind. You can choose to recite pledge in ceremonially, but if because tense meeting forgets a word,you are afraid of, you also can choose to recite, or it is the question that for certain answer Abba raises, be like: You can assure “ you meet ……” , “ forever ……” .

Special contact
Varied choice enough makes your ceremony unique. Besides wanting to choose prayer of ceremonial music, oath, pray carefully, culture affection setting of yourself decides a few fixed habits or you also want a foundation is to draw lessons from a few other forms. For instance: Candle ceremony ever was the form that cathedral wedding secures quite all the time, but became the form that crosses a culture is current kind to compare popularity now. Candle of on 3 become known should be placed on the passageway, among them the love between two indicative newlywed will be lifetime not change. After had made a pledge, new personality ignites the 3rd candle, namely ” of “ homocentric candle.

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