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Cathedral wedding flow
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Enter ordinal
Accompany man to be entered from cathedral gate, by short arrive tall man-to-man to advancing. If the number is odd number, ask the shortest go in foremost face alone, it is man-to-man from the back follow rightly enter. The distance that each pairs removed 3-4 discharges. Next, a matron of honour is entered, with last pairs partner man maintains the distance that 4-5 discharges. If a matron of honour is round the number is little at 5 people, adopt a platoon to enter into covey, did not coordinate it seems that otherwise. If the number is odd number, the shortest go in front to head a group. Young sororal round member goes in advocate before a matron of honour. If you have two advocate a matron of honour, one pair goes and go alone all but. Child of Buddhist monastic discipline and flower are before bride and its father are entered child. After waiting for these people to stand still on the passageway, the bride pulls father's left arm to enter church. If of bridal dress is long skirt gauze of marriage thing full front of a Chinese gown or it is to have grow long head gauze, can arrange 2 people to stall in back for its marriage gauze.

Stand the position
When setting foot on carpet to walk into a passageway, the bride stands commonly to the left, bridegroom stands in right, confront father. The station that accompany man is on the side of bridegroom, child of Buddhist monastic discipline and partner man people the right that stands in him. Advocate a matron of honour stands by the bride, round members of other a matron of honour are mixed the left that flower child stands in her.

Exeunt ordinal
When the ceremony ends, take the lead in exeunting to new personality, it is child of Buddhist monastic discipline and flower after one's death child. Sororal round member and partner man group become covey each, two a pair two. A matron of honour wants foregone, go in the right hand side that accompanies man. If the number is uneven, man of a partner wants convoy two sisters round member leaves; Come out more man of a partner goes alone, two partner advances at the same time. At the back of visit doorway or ceremonial site when the team when, designation partner man should be returned inside the mother of convoy new personality, grandmother exeunts with a few exalted guests.

Choose music
Without what comparing music more can apply colours to a drawing the atmosphere of your wedding ceremony. Strictly cent is ceremonial music 3 kinds: Sinfonia, enter music and exeunt music. Sinfonia, can play in before the ceremony 45 minutes, offer guest with a few classic, classical music eye people appreciation. The spot of the singer is sung suit to arrange entering before music rings.

When the team that people enters has been discharged, enter namely when music is played. People is stepping the rhythm of moderate to be on carpet divinely. Although not be must, but a few new personality still hope to hear beautiful and slow music when the ceremony.
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