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Cathedral wedding flow
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As the soul of whole wedding, bridal ceremony should be the main factor that decides color of whole that day shape. What a lot of new personality like cathedral ceremony is grave with gravity. How is wedding held in cathedral? What note is there? We explain below with respect to one by one.

Field chooses
Before you do whole to engineer, the ground that you can choose good ceremony first for certain is nodded and had asked emcee or a father. Because of charge and specific requirement because of the ground different, you are necessary to say hello to this place has what limitation and specific expense beforehand. Having a lot of places is free or be to need little contribution to be able to be used only, and some places need to collect fees however or be the license with special need.

Enquire, what does the service of the standard in the ceremony include? It how many freedom is spent is OK to have how many freedom is spent go decorating the spot according to his wish for you? Do you still need what to service and equipment you can supply? For instance: Carpet of music, clean, adornment, passageway, and over there have what restriction to music and photography.

Seat arrangement
Of course, you are to want to choose for certain enough big local powwow, alliance of such besmear tip divide evenly? Present person feels capacious, comfortable? ? / P>
The seat of family member of 1 new personality is arranged
Before you need to be in, one part seat gives platoon put apart your closest family. Will tell by the tradition, bridal parents wants and sister of grandparent, brother takes the first of leftward edge. If bridal parents has left different to hope to be able to sit apart, so bridal mother is OK with her present man sits in the first, father and his wife can sit in the 2nd. Other and special relative also can sit in the 2nd, the 3rd goes up. The family of bridegroom also is be in with same form seating of right hand side.

2 partner man leads visitor to the seat
After your visitors arrives, the meeting that accompany man guides their seat to oneself. With bridal family, bridal guest also sits leftward edge, the guest of bridegroom sits in right. But if the person of one party comes morer, the simplest method lets them sit casually in both sides namely, such they can have a line of vision of very good attend a ceremony. Man of a partner should use the right hand to ask female guest to the seat, male guests does not need apprehension these. If arrived at the same time large quantities of one guest, it is elder preferential.

3 exeunt
After the ceremony passes, sit advanced a few family exeunts first, next guest people in the future is ordinal once upon a time exeunt, lest be caused in the doorway,jam.
Enter church
When powwow, you enter church, set foot on carpet, besides step pace before one pace is moved toward outside, it is worth while to still have a lot of things advertent. It is the basic battle array of field of advance and retreat below.
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