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Address: Postcode of of cabinet of peaceful of gold of garden of the gold dollar other guesthouse of west lake of the road austral Shenzhen city Baoan: 518000 contact: JENNY phone: 13428979247 [asks a specification to come from supple] fax: QQ: 110355584 QQ/MSN: 110355584 network address: Service of Http://www.model-china.cn/makeups/show/162 [domain name] More business is spread Makeup. Nod Modelling of N.H colour 妝 Beauty is rural hairdressing - Shenzhen inn Cosmetic of Shenzhen Yi Beijia is finite fair. . Medium boat fitness health body limited company Orgnaization of chain of graceful hairdressing of Shenzhen celestial being 100 Li Ya SPA3 raise hairdressing to meet. . Shenzhen fish beauty hairdressing limited company

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