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Xiangtan Municipal Bureau of Commerce in 2010, "National Day" Golden Week Market
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National Day Golden Week, the city fine weather, meals guests increased significantly, active promotion of the business, the strong will of the public to buy, department store sales also will be picked up. Market presents "The market continued to boom, corporate marketing activity, sales was rising, and consumer safe and orderly" features.

First, the market supermarket sales growth significantly. The business service enterprises in accordance with the National Day this year, new market characteristics, and actively take feature promotions, focusing on market positioning, introduce personalized services, effective in stimulating consumer demand, consumers actively shopping, shopping supermarket sales gratifying. According to statistics, during the festive season (October 1 -5 days), BBK commercial chain Co., Ltd., Heart to Heart Group Co., Ltd., Hunan million Kaiyuan Trading Co., Ltd. Hunan Hong four mall department store chain Star retail sales of 49.44 million yuan, up 38% over the previous year, of which the highest growth rate backgammon Commercial Chain Co., Ltd., an increase of 48.5%, mainly due to the same period last year, the company building the shopping plaza at the intersection closure fitting state, no business income. And have the Ocean Department Store, backgammon democracy Road store, camp infrastructure backgammon shop wing of one mind in the shop, gold Xiangtan Commercial Plaza, Spring Department Store, Hong Xing Department Store, Suning Appliance and other dozens of large commercial outlets in the area of democracy Yuhu Road business district, during the festival to highlight the brand, price advantage and service advantages and features of perfect urban infrastructure, attracting a large number of consumer groups in our city and in the field. According to statistics, average daily flow of people is the core area of business nearly 8 million people, representing a significant growth in the past.

Second, corporate marketing highlights frequent, PWM boost consumer confidence

Backgammon by local enterprises as the leading commercial chain enterprises Co., Ltd. promotional activities can be described as brilliant. To enliven the festive atmosphere, to the public to create a comfortable environment for leisure and shopping during the holiday season backgammon company held a "National Day Golden Week, exhibition of dinosaur fossils to go to the" activities, specifically from Asia, the world's third-largest dinosaur museum - Sichuan Zigong Dinosaur Museum "please" to the three dinosaurs to the public. First, get all kinds of coupons and bargains, such as backgammon Square "for men, women, children and other fall and winter clothing at least 100 by 50, Belle, and she filled his boots and other fine 98 by 50; bedding over 100 minus 40; Oupo, L'Oreal cosmetics and other famous arrived in 200 with 150, arrived in 2,000 yuan 1,500 yuan famous use, equivalent to 7.5 fold "; Ocean Department Store" cosmetics for every 200 yuan in cash to send electronic coupons 200, the entire museum fashion goods 300 yuan per 330 yuan in cash to send electronic coupons, for every 440 yuan 400 yuan in cash to send electronic coupons, for every 500 yuan in cash to send 550 electric discount coupons, and so on, October gift, fun series to send Gifts; Beauty FULL send "; second is corporate members activities, such as backgammon Square" Member feast, during the National Day, members store gift to Jisong end of the quarter, over 200 casual dining sets Zaijia Song 208 yuan tickets "; Ocean Department Store" plus 5 yuan value of 108 yuan for brand pillow "; HTH members get shopping points; third is carried out jointly with the Bank, during the Golden Week, the step by step, heart to heart, Ocean department stores, shopping malls and other large brush Suning BOC, CCB China Merchants Bank, Hing Bank and other banking card consumption, are filled to capacity with gifts Gifts.

Various specifications of the marketing promotion activities so that consumers have more choice at the same time, enjoy a more affordable, better quality goods and services, and aroused the enthusiasm of the majority of consumer spending, consumer confidence in the people to effectively improve and further consolidated.

Third, the wedding consumption, food consumption of an unprecedented boom. During the National Day this year, a significant increase in the number of marriages, and promote the wedding banquet, bedding, garments, kitchen appliances, wedding photography, wedding etiquette, and other consumption. Red Flag Trade City, transit furniture, building furniture Xin, Kindu furniture and other household furniture market have launched a variety of timely Shang Xinying home accessories, attracting a lot of young people. Jewelry Xiangtan City, Yasukuni launch of gold jewelry wedding jewelry jewelry exhibition series by consumers, and achieved good sales performance. Meanwhile, the catering market exceptionally prosperous, weddings, private banquet, reunion dinner in town were full, according to Panlong Villa Hotel, Hua International Hotel, Huayu International Hotel and Xiangtan hotel accommodation and catering enterprises and a number of key survey data show that these enterprises during the National Day last year, compared with operating income growth of 15% or more. Tourism, festivals waves, various characteristics of the new restaurants, as well as county and city, county, rural rich ecological agriculture, rural leisure and tourism, and promote the public eating out, it also attracts a large number of tourists to the surrounding area and sightseeing tasting food, a boom in specialty restaurants, casual dining and farmhouse dining.

Fourth, increase in volume consumption of necessities rising values. Golden Week, the city's ample supply of necessities market the full range, prices stable, smooth channels, purchase convenience. Among them, the City put the average daily volume of pig slaughterhouses designated about 500, the price was essentially flat with the same period last year; vegetables daily put volume of more than 40 million kg, cabbage, Chinese cabbage, cucumber, garlic, green pepper, melon and other members of the public daily delivery volume of the preferred species are maintained at 5,000 kg or more, the middle class of vegetable varieties to large increases in food prices, more than 20%; fruit daily put volume of 200,000 kg or so, in addition to the price of grapes was essentially flat compared to same period last year In addition, the price of most fruit varieties have risen, in which the largest increase bananas and apples, respectively 60% and 26%; aquatic carp, grass carp, crucian carp and other domestic fish supply and price as last year; croaker The transaction price and the year-ago quarter; octopus prices significantly, or more than 20% of section; egg prices rose 9.3% over last year; an adequate supply of grain, rice prices rose 11% over last year, prices rose 10% peanut oil, soybean oil, vegetable Aberdeen oil, cooking oil and basically the same as last year, were up 2% decline.

Fifth, safe and orderly holiday spending. To ensure the public's consumption confidence, security spending, according to the Urban Food Security Committee of the unified arrangements of the City of Commerce to carry out a number of liquor law enforcement detachment, meat market safety inspection activities, and resolutely put an end to substandard meat from the slaughter of links out to prevent counterfeit wine into the market. At the same time, strengthen the market supervision of food circulation, on the farmers market, food supermarkets, hotels, restaurants and other key target to strengthen the inspection of meat purchased registration management to ensure the normal supply channels, quality and safety. Further regulate the business of marketing behavior, strictly prohibiting false advertising and misleading consumers, crack down on commercial fraud, counterfeiting, unfair competition and other illegal acts, and urge businesses to be released in services put in place to maintain the market operate effectively order. Active in business areas through the "good business model to create activities" and "good faith Xing Awareness Month" activities, efforts to increase market awareness of the operators honesty, commitment to the consumer credit management. Golden Week, the city market, adequate supply of consumer goods, supply and orderly, stable prices, there was no hoarding, price gouging and short, out of stock; was no food safety incidents and major accidents.

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