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Harbin increases the condemnatory strength that celebrates formal car to problem
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Northeast net on June 15 dispatch 14 days, detachment of detect of punishment of public security bureau is begun inside whole town limits special rectify marriage Qing Liyi the traffic of the car violates act, more than 100 marriage of round-the-clock examination celebrate a car in, two problems car is detained, additionally brand of name of car of more than 10 intended keep out is banned.

9 when make 50 minutes, before license plate is in by the car of intended keep out road of Qing Bin of Na Gang area is banned by the policeman. Drive Bin of home of person a type of verse for singing says what stick to the car to who he also does not know is " always written guarantee homocentric " copybook, the policeman tears down after keep out post, "Black AZ3527 " name brand is shown come out, policeman to driving person place fines punishment with 200 yuan, write down 6 minutes at the same time. Before door of hotel of Lu Mou of institution of higher learning, marriage of a lengthen celebrated a car to cause the policeman's attention, this car does not have suspension any license plate, temporarily license plate " ferry AG8839 " the autograph will be approved on May 6, period of efficacy is 15 days, had expired now; The former impression of this car is white, but whole now vehicle is red, drive the person is not taken give any effective formalities, the policeman detains this car. In institution of higher learning road and big straight market meets an opening on the west, the policeman is checking A10561(of a ferry black) when lengthen car, drive the person cannot show car travel evidence, this car did not undertake detecting on time, the policeman detains car.

According to order of traffic of management board of traffic of city public security department violate the rules and regulations punishs intercalary of division section chief a flock of introductions, at present Harbin city is engaged in existence of car of marriage Qing Liyi going all out individually outfit, change one's costume or dress, the traffic such as brand of name of car of divert keep out violates act, existence of travel of the path on these car compares serious traffic safety hidden danger, policeman branch gives severity is banned. Drive problem marriage celebrates a car, policeman branch will be applicable " 10 uniform " ironhanded measure gives upper limit is punished.

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