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Go up contribution of spot of wedding of husband and wife of Rao Xin marriage 10
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On May 15, to believing state division the teacher of the 6th elementary school is a special day for Huang Lu, she and this day of bridegroom Wu Haijiang pace
Enter marital hall. Undertake in wedding in, bridegroom bride is alms of seismic disaster area on the spot 10000 yuan.

From May 12 Sichuan saves plain of short of Wenshui River since prefectural happening earthquake, bridegroom official Wu Haijiang is while nervous preparation is bridal, also paying close attention to the situation of a disaster. See stricken be hit by a natural adversity masses and armed police officers and soldiers are in on TV appearance forefront providing disaster relief is oblivious of oneself the scene that rush to deal with an emergency provides disaster relief, wu Haijiang is touched, "Aseismatic the responsibility that providing disaster relief is a government not only, we are accountability also contribute oneself force for disaster area. " then, this discusses to be disaster area contribution on wedding to new personality.

On May 15 18 when, wedding is held as scheduled. "Today is Mr Wu Haijiang and the festival day that Miss Huang Lu marries, also be the life that Sichuan earthquake disaster area affects popular feeling... " when emcee chairs wedding, added the content of seismic disaster area in managing a statement temporarily, the mood of his dignified caused the resonance of the close friends below the stage, seismic disaster area becomes the heat topic of every desk guest quickly. Undertake in wedding finally, bridegroom official and bridal village important place announce: They wish to be disaster area alms 10000 yuan! Give contribution on the spot the bureau of civil administration of the area that believe a city that hurries to bridal spot in staff member hand.

Bridal Huang Lu says: I am a teacher, these two days see Sichuan from TV the situation of a disaster of earthquake of plain of short of Wenshui River, think of those children in disaster area, in the heart particularly painful, seismic calamity let them lose father and mother, lost a dear one, lost the school. We tonight contributory just use oneself a love, exhaust oneself scanty power, go helping over there stricken be hit by a natural adversity student, make them early one day return school, early be used to of a day of happy like the student here, happy geoscience. Bridegroom Wu Haijiang is to go up forgive county policeman of a public security, do not wish he of make public says to us: "' one party has difficult, all directions to assist ' the tradition that is our the Chinese nation, do this bit of thing should " .

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