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Banquet of new personality marriage is little below province of on one langouste
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[dispatch of net of the Yangtse River] city wall bulletin (reporter Feng Yun is thick) today will be on May 18, it is one marries height day. Be in aseismatic the moment of truth that provide disaster relief, how can ability let his wedding become more significant?

Bridegroom Xiaozhu and bridal little river decided yesterday, what in Zhejiang international carry of grand of big public house highs today midday is bridal, put through raise donations of a love acts.

The native place of bridegroom Xiaozhu is in Hunan Xiangtan out-of-the-way and a mountainous area. 1977, be born before two years in him, big disaster confronts in the home, all things were swept by the flood, it is to be below the help of social all circles, just restored home. Because native place compares end, he is grow below everybody's help rise.

2001, after graduating from former Hangzhou university, small Zhu Liu works in Hangzhou. Through 6 years of much effort, from the poor boy of an in utter destitution, to buy room, wive, the life is becoming better and better, so in the heart all the time very the society that appreciates this warmth.

On May 12, after earthquake of plain of short of Wenshui River happens, he associates to oneself immediately the wedding May 18, wedding already informed, booked, cancel not actual also. He is then preliminary the tentative idea wants its put through a love is bridal. Say with the wife, wife special approval, help him perfect plan together. Yesterday, plan knocks calm: Fall wedding breakfast standard above all, by decide 1688 yuan formerly / desk, reduce it is 1388 yuan / desk, every desk is little on one langouste, 4000 yuan below the province, entrust wall bulletin to abandon Sichuan disaster area. Secondly, the close friends that the appeal attends the banquet a contribution.

Bridegroom Xiaozhu says, wedding breakfast contract often has been signed early, afraid still hotel won't agree to change menu, did not think of to say with the hotel, the hotel agreed readily.

"We just ate a langouste less, solved a victim however the grain ration of a month, this kind of conversion, I feel very significant still. " Xiaozhu's couple says.

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