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Marriage banquet case gift is taken abandon disaster area
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On the weekend two days, the province still busies in the Red Cross, staff member and volunteer handle contribution matters concerned of the citizen ceaselessly. "Collective benefit fund of cross of sea Dou Gong " money amount still is in be apt to to grow continuously, it is average citizen donated ten yuan merely. Love is impayable, "Collective benefit fund " the love story of backside, let this affection more massiness.

Yesterday is the day that our newspaper issues department employee Li Guochun to hold marriage dinner, on late banquet, ground of emcee deep feeling of grief speaks of the situation of a disaster of earthquake of plain of short of Wenshui River, convey new personality the blessing to shake area brethren. Xiaoli says, he has taken out partial case gift to be collected " collective benefit fund of cross of sea Dou Gong " , "We are keeping thinking about the people below remains, especially the child. " the word of this guileless affected attendant and all guest.

Xiaoli memory says, on May 11, fire of Olympic Games emperor is delivered in banyan city, he is prepared from busy wedding in get away, deliver camera to store for our newspaper press photographer to 51 square card, assure that day of the extra give print smoothly. Morrow, the message of earthquake of plain of short of Wenshui River is transmitted, his mood " decline from summit summit cereal bottom " . For this he discusses with the bride, the decision is outside unit contribution, contribute a partial case gift again.

Such love story still has a lot of. Lin Lin is mansion aviation elder sister, because want to be on duty randomly, she hurries to this applying for approval that the staff member takes the place of to contribute 1000 yuan hurriedly. "The time that keeps in Fuzhou is very short, cannot find a bank to turn Zhang, this cash can ask your generation to hand in only, " she says, may 16 is maternal birthday, she thinks for company mom celebrates birthday very much, can wish in nonlocal Yao only because of working reason however, "Those who remember brethren flesh and blood is detached is bitter, although our family cannot get together, it is much happier however " . She hopes to contribute give this money, take family person to be opposite the blessing of disaster area people, celebrate for the mother with special kind unripe.

One does not wish those who disclose a full name is tall 3 classmates call our newspaper to say, she already was recommended to enter a college, need not attend the university entrance exam, originally parental plan beautiful money takes her to go out travel, she decides this money below the province gives disaster area. In addition, many 10 song confuses our newspaper organization also to contribution of collective benefit fund 34 thousand yuan, the majority in them also is a high school student.

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