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Marriage gauze illuminates trap " increase fund temporarily "
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Chinese network news (Ma Hui of Ma Jiejing's reporter of trainee of height of reporter Han Lei) the citizen complains one after another: Illuminate according to marriage gauze, "Inn-keeper increases fund temporarily " , cause dispute.

Consumer Zhu Yunyun is complained say, she is in Jianghan road shopping mall inn of gauze of a marriage is illuminated according to marriage gauze, make discovery of the ability when subscription takes a picture, the provides freely marriage yarn in inn is not good, inn-keeper does his utmost to push the beautiful marriage gauze of Jian, want to increase fund. Wait for even cosmetic cosmetic, bright beautiful tire, want to collect fees additionally.

After business personnel is checked, labour undertakes intercessory, the businessman agrees to provide yarn of a marriage freely to wish a young lady again.

Consumer Wang Hanyu also is complained, she in highway of Chinese mouth Zhongshan store of a famous photography takes a picture when, inn-keeper informs her to want to use decide makeup water, she is helpless in agree to use 3. The ability when settle accounts knows, shadow building is multi-purpose 80 yuan decide makeup water, multi-purpose still " elite element " two bottles, additional many 380 yuan.

Door of The Ministry of Commerce and Industry is received after complaining, undertook investigating checking, hind classics mediation, shadow building agrees to decide makeup water settle accounts by 3.

According to big wisdom Zhou Jun of assistant director of industrial and commercial institute introduces, because average person lifetime illuminates marriage gauze only, the businessman holds a customer not the characteristic of know the business, increase fund temporarily. Client already have no way to back down, use free marriage yarn, the result is bad, had used, want to increase a lot of fund; Just quarrel with inn, affect mood and photography result again. A lot of people are last can submit to humiliation.

According to statistic, the marriage gauze of 95% above is complained, because do not have,sign normative contract. Current, the our city already came on stage " photography of gauze of Wuhan city marriage serves demonstrative contract " , allow bridegroom bride please, must use by the demonstrative text of supervise the manufacture of of door of The Ministry of Commerce and Industry, lest because the agreement is unidentified, and cause dispute.

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