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"Bridal secretary " popular marriage celebrate the market
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This year May, greet to marry fastigium. Busy marriage celebrates the market ecbolic also give a new new occupation, that is -- bridal secretary.   

Bridal secretary is those jobs busy of the newlywed person that seeks bridal individual character again " bestow favor on newly " , from personnel of course of study basically be a part-time job, include in building of school undergraduate, shadow staff member, white-collar waits. Average age is in bridal secretarial 20 years old to come 30 years old between, collect fees commonly for sheet of 500 yuan of / , seasoned, have public praise collect fees every sheet is in 1000 yuan, 3000 yuan, the ace inside course of study " go up not to seal a top " ...

A marriage celebrates the senior personage of the industry to tell a reporter, 3 years two ago, "Bridal secretary " this industry is in a few towns of domestic gradually arisen, from 2006 this marriage celebrates good year to begin, bridal secretary had opener and opener development space. "Advocate if newlywed person is right demand of oneself bridal individuation degree is higher, agree to spend money, and busy at ordinary times job does not allow their what business again oneself are done calm. From eye antecedent condition looks, invite bridal secretarial to be in the majority with the 80 new personality after. Invite bridal secretarial to be in the majority with the 80 new personality after..

In school undergraduate it is pluralistic brunt

The reporter investigates discovery, with the big city such as Shanghai, Beijing flourishing of full-time bride secretarial differs, in Chongqing, bridal secretary basically appears with pluralistic means, its main force is in school undergraduate.

"The side is fastened hold do wedding very interesting, very romantic, and still can earn bit of living cost. " Tong Tong of pluralistic bride secretarial is Chongqing university the student of 4 grade, do not calculate too beautiful, but the figure that chooses high appears however she has temperament very much. "Make this group, grows bit more ordinarily schoolgirl will be more welcome, allow with grabbing new personality limelight to be, but temperament cannot be differred absolutely. " her what second half of the year just just contacted this industry last year, laughing to tell a reporter, bridal secretary can have been become " greenery " ability is more popular.

Although be a part-time job, should join this industry nevertheless also not so easy. It is reported, bridal secretary needs to pass professional training not only, still must be opposite bridal program is very familiar. Purchase besides what be new personality in bridal early days give out as reasonable proposal and give advice, harmonious as the hotel good relationship, arrangement is very bridal relevant matters concerned, right a matron of honour that accompany man undertakes coaching waiting for the job besides, she is in even marry to took care of good bride that day, change clothes to the bride, make up, side bride checks leakage it is fill a vacancy, good to hit meditate, go up in wedding even clever handle a few cases.
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