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Olympic Games wedding suffers a youth to chase after hold in both hands
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Olympic Games year arrived, marry tide also will be rolled out. According to not complete count, shenyang will receive 60 thousand pairs of right-and-left people of a new type this year, shenyang city marriage celebrates an industry to serve in promotion while, the price also is faced with on tone, it is about between 20%-40% .

This is the reporter is in China yesterday the information that obtains on forum of bridal culture Shenyang. "The price that at present Shenyang holds a wedding does not calculate tall, the annual interest embellish that most marriage celebrates a company is compared relatively low. " marriage of Chinese work association celebrates Shi Kangning of industry committee total person in charge of something to say. So this year marriage celebrate a service collect fees the price may rise 20%-40% .

Olympic Games wedding needs to approve

2008, will be " affection is Olympic Games wedding " one word gives lens to lead a highest year. Yesterday, shenyang city celebration serves abundant of cropland of chairman of chamber of commerce of course of study to express, celebrated the investigation of the industry integratedly to Shenyang city marriage recently, unite the whole nation and the world's bridal newfangled tendency, while multiform this year Olympic Games wedding will make first selection of Shenyang city new personality, also will become each big marriage celebrates what the company contends for to sell a site.

In fact, note have " Olympic Games " everybody can undertake the wedding of the design such as the mark is not. The country points out clearly about the regulation, indicate without Olympic obligee is permitted, use Olympic symbol for commercial purpose do sth without authorization, encroach Olympic mark patent rights namely. Accordingly, the businessman that wants to hold similar wedding is need approve through concerning a section.

Evening wedding amount will promote

2008 is an Olympic Games not only year, still be a country a year when legal holiday adjusts. Look from the date that at present Shenyang city marriage celebrates a company to book wedding, the concept of traditional weak busy season has become ambiguous.

This year, shen Cheng is bridal and concentrated day of month, height somewhat billabong, off-season (in June, in November) gradually flourishing, busy season (in May, October) the trend of scumble is shown quite.

But also as a result of " big holiday " decrease, people goes after the wedding of auspicious day to gather together, because of the phenomenon that marriage banquet orders hard also appearing on this market. To this, tian Feng expresses, accelerate as what make rhythm newly artificially, traditional idea change, 2008, the amount of wedding of Shenyang city evening also will promote considerably. Reporter Chang Xin grants
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