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"7 valve snow " witness " bright alizarin red " marriage banquet
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The wedding of Tian Liang and Xie Yiqian just is paid close attention to by each

Bridegroom cropland shines

Birthday: On August 27, 1979 height: 172 centimeters

Weight: 60 kilograms of constellation: Maiden

Main achievement: 1996 diving tower of man of Atlanta Olympic Games the 4th; 2000 man of Sydney Olympic Games champion of 10 meters of diving tower; Diving of the 14th world cup surpassed man single person, two-men 2004 champion of 10 meters of diving tower; 2004 champion of diving tower of two-men of Athenian Olympic Games; Tian Liang retired formally in March 2007.

Before retiring, tian Liang already entered recreation to encircle, he is received with the appearance of pure and fresh health not only took many ad, and mix by right of handsome appearance famous degree with Hong Kong recreation " big another name for Hubei province " flower emperor autograph is made an appointment with, attended " give Shui Furong " and " cowboy Girl Weaver " wait for drama of a series of movie and TV film. Besides, tian Liang returns open sporting goods company. The cropland bright life that leaves 10 meters of diving tower is more wonderful.

Bridal leaf one alizarin red

Birthday: On September 3, 1984 height: 170 centimeters

Weight: 50kg constellation: Maiden

Xie Yiqian ever was read perform major tall duty at Beijing film institute 2003 3. 2005 " super female voice " year total final the 7th, by Hei Nan praise for " inside and outside holds concurrently long " player. Xie Yiqian is famous " big voice " , besides be in class " vocal music class is represented " outside, go with the classmate every time K song, the number one that she is not decline to shoulder a responsibility more " wheat bully " . Xie Yiqian is thought consistently is beautiful not only, know more what how reveal oneself is beautiful.

One is Olympic Games champion, one is " exceed female " , the love of two people from get attention with respect to equipment at the beginning. Afterwards " Tian Liang buys a person of extraordinary powers for Xie Yiqian curtilage " , " two people shop in Hong Kong " after waiting for message exposure, in October 2006, two people fly back to Beijing together, amour at this point high-key exposure. So far, tian Liang admits eventually, and Xie Yiqian also says in rich guest " my love film is being performed " .

Cropland shines and Xie Yiqian will hold wedding to already became recreation to encircle in Xi'an on November 29 most heat. Marriage banquet entered a week to time yesterday, each media already immediately respond to a news. Recently, in the reporter make visit with all possible means, this costs 20 much marriage banquets to rise to surface gradually, li Xiang, " 7 valve snow " , gauze of star honored guest, chic gift, costly marriage is illuminated, the keyword that makes this marriage dinner.
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